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Oven-Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Delicious and super-easy-to-make oven roasted sweet potatoes made with fresh herbs and butter! This dish will fill our kitchen with amazing aroma and will be gone in minutes; my favorite side dish!

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  1. Did I miss how many minutes she said to put them in the oven or did she just not say it?

  2. love this recipe, if I may ask which camera u used for the video?

  3. TatyanasEverydayFood

    To all my viewers: I have had many comments regarding the amount of salt I added in this recipe. Each salt shaker/dispenser is different, mine dispenses very fine granules very little at a time. Please make note I am NOT adding an exorbitant amount of salt. Please add salt to taste; you can always add more if needed. thank you!

  4. When do I get that spit roast turkey

  5. so much salt!

  6. imovillagecooking imo

    Come on guys, just make the food to your own taste. Will make this today have three big sweet potatoes ,looking forward to it

  7. Skip the potatoes and just eat the sea salt

  8. Way to much salt.

  9. Jean Philip Sylvest

    how long does it need to stay in the oven?

  10. “I’m gonna season the water with just a little bit of salt”

  11. These comments are killing me hahahahahah

  12. Man people are morons. Are you going to copy exactly what she did? No so what does it matter how much salt she puts it’s her preference not yours dummies.

  13. Woman is beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  14. I’m new here and already fan of you… Beautiful and healthy woman are the best combination! I only suggest use less salt rss

  15. What degrees do you bake it at?

  16. Little bit of salt?

  17. That’s really NOT that much salt, she is using the low sodium Morton salt that’s got Potassium Chloride instead of NaCl, simmer down!

  18. Surprised she didn’t finish the salt
    Salty Baked Sweet Potatoes

  19. I will use brown sugar no salt

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