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Repentance Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Forest Whitaker Horror Movie HD

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Repentance Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Forest Whitaker Horror Movie HD

An earnest life-coach/author, Thomas Carter, is mysteriously abducted by a deranged client, Angel Sanchez, who delves into Thomas' teachings and uses his spiritual messages of Karma – action and reaction (Vipaka), against him to terrorize him and his family for their past sins.

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  1. Can someone plzz tell whats the name of the name of the song ay the begging i cant find it

  2. WELL…. we know Mike Epps dies

  3. It’s about time studios let our people branch out into more genres instead of romantic comedies all the time

  4. This movie had potential but the ending sucked and it kinda pissed me off.

    • I love your profile pic. I know exactly who he is :'(

    • +Rich Dad I should of said some but I didn’t say all the films. There are excellent ones and terrible ones, as with anything. Independent doesn’t always equate great nor does big budget. And no I haven’t been the Sundance Festival but I have been to other festivals. And yes I’m very well versed in many things, including independent films ,whether that fits the narrative of your assumptions/generalizations based on difference of opinion,that’s my issue.

    • +Michelle Murry Wow.  I’m kind of suprised at your comment considering your previous one.  So called high end films can end the way this one did (in some peoples opinions).  Have you been to the Sundance  Film Festival?  Are you even aware of the outstanding accolades that independent films have gotten for years?  Are you really cultured/ well versed in independent films?  

    • Maybe. .There will be a sequel. That’s the problem with these independent movies, they put so much effort into to being edgy that it can become confusing and not fully developed.

  5. I have been wanting to see this movie. This is what I call a black movie worth seeing. I’ve been waiting for one of these since I was a teenager.

  6. His looks good can’t wait

  7. Good movie, ending was a LET DOWN..but all in all, a good watch!

  8. Great movie. .psychological thriller with a powerful message!

  9. wow another amazing film from forest whitaker. you guys should try watching The Experiment

  10. a black misery

  11. This movie was okay. It was too all over the place for me. Certain thing annoyed the hell out of me. For example, the car accident. Clearly both brothers survived and the police had to have been called. How didn’t they notice the dead body? Even if her body traveled. Another thing, did anyone notice Mike Epps phone backwards when he answered. I know I’m not picking but I’m a film and theatre major and I really expected more. It had its good points, but with the field of actors they had, I expected a lot more.

  12. This looks really good !

  13. This movie looks all over the place

  14. this movie has a blair underwood tone to it. He would direct something like this. I love his movies and all of these actors have done work for him. 

  15. WOW! I can’t believe it’s 2014 by the comments to this movie! I scroll through to see what the comments are to see if the movie is good or not.. But all I see is comment after comment about the skin color of the actors!!! REALLY??? Geez people it’s 2014? When are we going to learn to look at all people as people & see NO COLOR! SMH! It’s a movie! With actors! Made for the enjoyment of EVERYONE!! Wow by the comments below I’m surprised y’all aren’t wanting separate movie theaters & separate bathrooms & separate water fountains.. Oh my bad that would be PREJUDICE & Discrimination & WRONG! But y’all’s comments sure sounded a lot like a time I thought we’d all grown past!!!! How truly sad!!

    • Now it’s 2017 wishing it was 2014 again

    • I’m surprised when I see people of color play this kind of roll also.  If your from America you would be surprised also because so many people of color wait for hollywood to give them a role instead of making there own big films.  This is the truth.  I see everyone’s color & so do you.  I saw a bronze man, caucasian features with long blond hair & beard.  He looked beautiful.  Most people from Solomon Island are dark skinned but born w/ blond hair.  Scientist say that there is no caucasoid mixing of these people.  There colors are beautiful.  To me so is a caucasian w/ dark red hair.  I see your comment is 6 months old & a lot of things have become public that some people thought weren’t happening because it’s 2014.  Take Care.

    • Because they lack education, morals and nothing better to do.

  16. Finally, an all black casted horror movie!

  17. This was an excellent  movie. You have to be psychologically in tune to understand the concept and actions throughout the film. All of the actors did a superb job, it was great to see black actors venture & be given the opportunity to perform a different genre (especially being outside of the norm of what we are often  boxed into). Overall very suspenseful and far from boring. A definite must see.


  19. I have always loved Forest Whitaker and I am a new fan of Anthony Mackie and of course love Mike Epps SO I got quite excited of this cast and loved the trailer BUT unfortunately I was highly disappointed and felt cheated with this movie.  Storyline is fine but direction is all over the place.  Dots are not connected smoothly and there are quite a few spots that needed to be embellished on…I had high hopes for this one but I was let down and wanted my money back.  Loved Forest Whitaker acting…Anthony Mackie got quite ignoring once tied up.  Editing details were lacking.  Sanaa Latham was perfect but really had no real script so she was safe.  Movie just didn’t make sense in so many areas but it had all the makings to be a better movie.

    • I haven’t seen the movie but I can appreciate your way of critiquing.  Maybe you should be a part of a script team (brainstormers are valuable) & or start a blog on different types of films.

  20. This was a waste of Forest Whitaker’s time. This movie wants you to sympathize with Whitaker, Epps, and Mackie, but they’re all shitheads. Sanaa Lathan’s character is the one person who shouldn’t be a victim, and the ending made me wish I had two extra arms so that I could give this movie four middle fingers.

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