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Scary Movie 2 Basketball Scene (HD)

Scary Movie 2 Basketball Scene Very Funny.

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  1. Why is this my favorite scene? 😳😳😂

  2. Still to this day. I have never experienced a funnier movie than this one. I went to watch in theatre when it came out and the whole place laughed from start to finish. There was not one dull moment. The movie was amazing when it came out……so hilarious. Even today it can still give me a laugh or two.

  3. this is my favorite part of the whole movie lol.

  4. To me scary movie wasn’t the same without the Wayne bros 😩

  5. Scary movie 2 is the best one out of ALL of them !!

  6. When ever I hear that noise the sneakers make I reminds me of this 😝

  7. I’m at the park with my gf, and I started doing this beat with the soccer ball we brought and she actually recognized what I was doing XD had to come back and watch this

  8. best scene ever

  9. Those ugly faces Marlon makes are too much lol. He makes this one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

  10. 2k18
    Trailer looks SICK!!!

  11. 0:55 to 0:59 & 1:05 to 1:08 😂😂 Shawn and Marlon are so stupid!!

  12. This movie was my childhood.

  13. 0:47–They’re thinking “White people…”

  14. man at 57 had me crying hahah

  15. 0:46 – they’re like : “white people…” XD

  16. how you gonna dislike this 😂

  17. Probably the most random scene in the entire movie, but also probably one of the best scenes XP

  18. This movie will never get old.

  19. Their faces when the white people start dancing! Lmao

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