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Scary Movie 3 Funniest Parts

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  1. Kevin Hart back when he wasn’t that famous

  2. so your telling me you can go to bed dead and wake up alive

  3. I thought it was gonna be the full movie since he said funniest scenes

  4. I wish we had a president like this

  5. That anchorman needs a promotion; like…. that’s talent to not even break script on the fly.

  6. ”lets go teach them black people how to rap”

    There’s no way this film would be allowed in 2015 haha

  7. No Brenda vs. The Ring?
    No Aliens showing off how they say hello, goodbye, and how they pee?
    No Oracle?

  8. That janitor is straight up G ! also the president xD

  9. anna faris is so hot

  10. O Shizl Gzngahr

  11. That idiot is reading everything lmao without even thinking😂3

  12. the funeral scene i laugh so hard on it lol

  13. 5:28 The Weeknd was born

  14. Oh my god that blond chick is sooooo cute

  15. Kaljath Panthermage

    Of all the crappy Scary Movies…..this one is actually the best.

  16. That poor little boy…

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