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Scary Movie 5 – The best of mama

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  1. People who found this funny is either underage or lacking oxygen

  2. Thank God I didn’t actually watch this movie..

  3. Ashley Tisdale should stick to Disney Channel…
    Cindy is the Scary Movie Queen along with Brenda…

  4. I can’t even consider this a parody, because the original Mama was just like this.

  5. No scary movie without Brenda and Cindy.

  6. I just love the director I hope I see more from this [Enter your name here]!

  7. They aren’t even trying anymore.

  8. They didn’t even try with this movie. The actors seemed like they didn’t even want to be in it, but it was an easy paycheck for them. This is one franchise that needs to die.

  9. Girls one at a time
    Lily you first
    *unidentifiable noise*
    Got it!

  10. winx n' lolirock glitter girl

    how dare they make fun of MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!😑

  11. 4:36 she was humping her leg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. 5:10 was that snoop dog?

  13. RokuNami4ever (Sora Lockhart)

    Ok does Anyone notice how scary movie 5 version of mama looks like an adult version of scary movie 3’s version of Samara Morgan from the ring

  14. 0:07-0:20 funny to me that’s my favorite part of the movie.

  15. the ghost is dancing,that is halarius

  16. Wanted Cindy back πŸ™ and Brenda.

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