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super funny indian action movie

Индийский шедевр. Must See !

Movie: Singham

Why it here? Epic scene! Must see

Rate and Comment ! thx 😉 love u all

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  1. There’s a lot of “who would win?” videos, Superman vs Hulk, Vader vs Gandalf, Batman vs Wolverine etc.

    What we really need is This dude with lamp post vs Thor with hammer.

  2. he needs to be in the avengers

  3. This happens all the time in Goa.

  4. The awesome music is all of Chuck Norris’ muscles tensing in unison

  5. This movie is probably based on a true event.

  6. Man the police brutality in India is horrible! Look at how tragic this is, those people never even lifted a hand or weapon against him.

  7. just a casual day in india

  8. Rohit Shetty. Remember this name. He is the Director & also happens to be the guy who discovered anti-gravity & named it public-chutiyavity.

  9. If life is a game, the Indians are the hackers.

  10. This is Saitama before he lost all his hair

  11. Pause at 0:14 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. 5:26 when you and your brothers forgot to wash the dishes

  13. only indian cars wont nstart on first try

  14. 3:46 LMAO

  15. This Indian Chuck Norris needs to fight ISIS.

  16. hey guys, at 3:21 my little brother doesn’t bounce like that when I bitchslap him, what am I doing wrong?

  17. One Punch Man has competition.

  18. How can he slap?

  19. laws of gravity work differently in India

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