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THE DAMNED Trailer [Horror Movie – 2014]

Heaven helps us… THE DAMNED Trailer. In theaters August 29
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THE DAMNED tells the story of American David Reynolds (Peter Facinelli), widowed from his Colombian-born wife, who flies to Bogota with his new fiancée (Sophia Myles) to retrieve his rebellious teenage daughter Jill (Nathalia Ramos). En route to the city of Medellin, a car accident leaves them stranded in a run-down isolated inn. When they discover the old innkeeper has locked a young girl in the basement, they are determined to set her free. In saving the young girl, they ultimately unleash an ancient evil that's been waiting to wreak havoc on all that cross its path.

A Movie directed by Victor Garcia
Cast :Peter Facinelli, Sophia Myles, Nathalia Ramos, Sebastian Martinez
Release Date : In Theaters August 29th, 2014
Genre : Horror, Thriller

© 2014 IFC Films

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  1. Starring.. Undertaker’s daughter

  2. This Damned movie might be Damned good, but I highly doubt the Damned movie could be that Damn good? Who knows with this Damned weird/scary movie. Who really gives a Damn? I mean this Damned trailer was really boring in beginning and what’s with that Damned little girl in the closet being the reason that the Damned evil is unleashed? I might not even watch the Damned thing. Damn man, trailer don’t make sense!

    And who gives a Damn if it’s an Evil Dead rip off? Damned movie is just another Damned horror movie that probably has sexual scenes and boobies and then at the last Damned second of even starting the Damned intimate moment, they get killed by some Damned evilness…That Damned evilness I tell ya. It’s that Damned Deja Vu we all crave in horror movies sometimes. Now Damnit, I don’t even know if I should watch The Damned, cuz The Damned movie might not even be that Damned great! Damn… 

  3. Mom, Someone unleashed another ancient evil again!!

  4. I really doubt that: “Ha matado a su familia” translates to: “We are all going to die”.

  5. Looks good but can somebody tell me why the old man is living with a possessed Lil girl in his basement? Doesn’t make any sense…smh

  6. OMG! The trailer looks amazing! Can’t wait for the movie. Also, can’t wait to see Nathalia Ramos as Jill in it. Used to watch her in House of Anubis as Nina.

  7. Well….Twilight did NOT help his career.

  8. An evil so powerful! That it can only be contained by a $8 padlock and an olden wooden door!

  9. Ok so ancient evil was hold at bay by wooden door made of planks and rusted padlock…. seems legit 😛

  10. The old man didn’t seem too concerned about his safety. Maybe it only wants young people.

  11. Actually it was kind of ok compared to other horror flicks!

  12. oh another demon-child, how creative…

    • Yeah right?

    • What type of demon hybrid would be creative then without being silly? (eg a demon-squirrel would be classified as silly and would probably fail as a horror film. A demon-cat? demon-snake? Pets gone bad? Hmm I don’t think either of those would make a better film. Demon-hedgehog. Yeah. I could get behind a demon-hedgehog. Oooh not like that sir you cheeky monkey! Hmmm demon-monkey. Yeah chuck him in there too why not)

  13. Was that Donald Sutherland ? (President Snow from Hunger Games)

  14. evil can not be stopped, but can be locked in a room with broken wood door

  15. this kinda reminds me of the new evil dead remake

  16. LegionaryWithAGladius

    Evil Dead rip off

    • +Greg Cantelli
      I was born under communism, so we boycotted the commies! 😀
      …but I don’t care if this a remake of something or not – 99% of all horrors coming out today ARE (in ONE way or ANOTHER) – “REMAKES”…
      …I’m gonna watch it!…and if I will not like it, then I will turn it off! PERIOD! 🙂

    • Quite literally everything in this trailer happened in Evil Dead or is very similar to it…

    • +meplus toysequalsluv lol evil dead also isnt scary ATT ALL 
      besides ithink the only movie ever really scared me was the grudge

  17. Oh wow! another demonic horror movie! how exciting! PASS!

  18. Wanna see a scary movie? Take LSD during a Halloween costume party.

  19. lets go on road trip in storm they said will be fun. Lets go into middle of nowhere coz we don’t want to be surrounded by normal people they said. Lets leave our cellphones at home they said-we don’t like to do emergency calls. Lets find shelter in the creepy hounded house they said..oh well they simply wanted to die..

  20. Isn’t she the girl from house of Anubis?

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