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Home / The Hitman’s Bodyguard Red Band Trailer #1 (2017) Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson Action Movie HD

The Hitman’s Bodyguard Red Band Trailer #1 (2017) Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson Action Movie HD

The Hitman's Bodyguard Red Band Trailer 1 (2017) Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson Action Movie HD [Official Trailer]

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  1. motherf#cka level over 9000

  2. Didn’t know Deadpool could act. Maybe he should consider becoming a full time actor instead of a mercenary for hire.


    Tic Tac Motherfucka!!! XDDD

  4. When Deadpool asked Nick Furry if he could join the Avengers, this happened 0:17

  5. “This guy single-handedly ruined the word motherfucker.”


  6. Just look at those sausages !!

    Raise your hand if you came here from a social media thinking ‘this is fake, this GOTTA BE fake, it’s a rick rolling link, it’s— *WAIT IT’S REAL ???*”

  7. Gotta love that recovery after getting thrown from a car

  8. Deadpool : The Prequel

  9. I don’t even care if the movie sucks. I will buy a $20 movie ticket just to support the writers for just the lines in the trailer and the advertising team. Which I suppose means they did their job…

  10. This is an alternate marvel universe where deadpool didn’t get injected by superhuman serum and nick fury didn’t lose his eye


  12. omg this trailer is fucking funny

  13. This is the best trailer I seen

  14. This is the movie you didn’t know you wanted or needed. But mother hubbard this movie looks amazing.

  15. First action movie I’m going to see in theaters.

  16. *chanting* Make it gay, make it gay, make it ga-

  17. “Tip top mother fucker ” 😂😂😂

  18. All I see is Nick Fury trying to recruit Deadpool into the Avengers.

  19. I’m like 90% sure Ryan Reynolds already did a movie protecting a famous black actor who kills people for a living. Safe house anyone?

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