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The Pyramid Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Horror Movie HD

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The Pyramid Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Horror Movie HD

The ancient wonders of the world have long cursed explorers who've dared to uncover their secrets. But a team of U.S. archaeologists gets more than they bargained for when they discover a lost pyramid unlike any other in the Egyptian desert. As they unlock the horrific secrets buried within, they realize they aren't just trapped; they are being hunted.

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  1. White people + warning not to do something or run = Every corny scary movie known to man.

    But. I’m still going to watch this.

    • Good thing I am mixed. So now I have a 70% chance of doing the same thing which is much better.

    • +Dallas Burns
      Mr. Burns, don’t forget, you’re here forever…

    • Boom what u gotta say no luther

    • +Luther S.P. I hope you’re not judging all white people by the ones in the US because there’s more variety of people in different cultures. Most people in Europe are not nearly as racist as Americans are, or at least the Southern majority. Even then, not all Southerners are racist either.

       Oh, and white people aren’t the only ones who cause violent wars, that’s just humans being naturally territorial. Just look the Middle-eastern conquests with Babylon, Egypt itself, Assyrians, Hittites, Ottomans, and Persians; or look at the largest conquest in history, the Mongol Empire; the War of the 3 kingdoms in China, which is often labeled the second bloodiest period of warfare in history, coming in behind WW2; perhaps even the brutality of certain Mayan civilizations against villagers, ISIS. (Side note: Why would a radical muslim group use the name of an ancient Egyptian god to be called by?) I would say something about Zulu, but I actually respect him, despite whatever violence he committed to other tribes.

      Although it’s a bit late in the comment for shortly speaking, what I’m trying to say is that hatred is not something for just whites. That’s like saying you’re like Joseph Kony just because you might possibly be black; it’s like saying someone can be evil from birth. I hope you don’t mind the length of this comment, by the way.

  2. Just saw this movie tonight. It was pretty good. The jump scares were unexpected when they happened. It has found footage elements but the whole movie isn’t found footage.

    how cartoonish was Anubis? btw what a shitty ending….

  4. We’ve just seen the entire movie.

  5. 21 years old and still waiting for a horror in which I can be at least little scared.

  6. Well… at least the movie poster looked pretty cool

  7. Asians: It would not be wise to disturb ancient resting grounds.
    Mexican: If I get paid, I go.
    Black Person: AWWWW HELLLL NO
    White Person: Seems interesting. Lets do this

    • Well, the only reason why we know what we know and have what we have (including the internet to write silly comments on) is that ballsy curiosity of people who went “Seems interesting. Lets do this”. If it wasn’t for that we’d still huddle together in caves… without the warmth of fire of course, because that would be waaaay to dangerous. I’m talking about all people with balls who value exploration and the search for knowledge more than their own safety, by the way, not that idiotic “whites be crazy” cliché. 😉

    • Random Youtube Watcher

      More like:


  8. After reading all the bad reviews I decided to give it ago. The first 45 minutes I nearly fell asleep with all the bad dialog and lack of scary scenes. Then I noticed one of the guy’s from The Inbetweeners movie I instantly couldn’t take him seriously. However just as I was about to fall asleep abit of action happened and from then the next 45 minutes was pretty good and kept me on the edge of my seat.

    Im going to give this a generous 7/10

  9. 1:15 “Don’t touch anything.” (Touches something 2 secs later)

  10. Well this will be terrible; why do horror movie makers want so much ‘found footage’? It looks terrible and makes very little sense most of the time.

    • +Lee Ifurung that movie was made in 2002, so it wasn’t quite as annoying then. 🙂

    • Bourne Identity was one of the best Action Movie Scene of all time with a Shacky Cam…

    • +Lee Ifurung it’s probably the most current over-used cliche in movies and some television right now, imo. in and of itself, it’s a fine technique, but it’s relied upon entirely too much now to be effective. 

      want to be different? ditch the shaky cam and go back to a simple traditional pan shot. a camera shot can go in and out and all around… as long as it’s CGI’d. it’s like cinematographers forgot how to effectively use their cameras and/or a director isn’t utilizing the shot to enhance the character or scene as much as trying to be cute and say, ‘see, look what we can do!’ 

      a hundred movies ago it was cool. now, i appreciate a real-life set-up, long worn-out concerning CGI acrobatics. we can tell the difference. it’s why a coen movie destroys a peter jackson movie every single time in terms of cinematography. 

    • Shaky Cam isn’t bad at all. As long as they would use it in a good way

    • +Lee Ifurung i hope the ‘shaky cam’ dies along with it….

  11. Jesus christ thats the problem with movie trailers in recent years, they give away TOO MUCH. Go watch the first Alien movie trailer, THAT is how you sell a movie.

  12. Yea great, make a shitty horror movie about the mind blowing pyramids that is still until more advanced then anything we have now

    • So your telling me, they built the pyramids Pythagoras THEORY? Im sorry but i dont think you know what theory means. Its fact that right angles created by using string were used. What is unknown is weather they used the sun or stars to get their accuracy. It also is pretty well known that much like the ancient greeks, they built wooden frames around the large stones creating a sphere that they could roll. How about before calling someone else dumb, next time dont believe everything you read on the internet.   

    • +mike hunt your actually totally wrong, the pyramids were all built using the Pythagoras theory , they also line up perfectly within an inch , and all the stones came from 500 miles away! try google first before sounding dumb also check out Baalbek stones 

    • ……Incidentally this film was appalling

    • Anyone who who agrees with your comment (about the advancement not how shitty) is a complete moron, why would you even say that? you think building something using lots of right angles with string and the sun as the guide is harder than splitting an atom? haha get real and get an education clown. 

  13. what s with all the hate?
    The movie was really interesting in my opinion.

  14. did lord beerus make a cameo in this lol

  15. so the ending was Anubis trying to photo boom a kid

  16. Wow. What’s the point in watching the movie when the trailer spoils all the major plot details?

    • that is why I only glance at movie trailers. I fast-forward and watch only a few seconds through the whole thing. I look at the thumbs up and the comments. Then I make my decision. If I get a good feeling from the instance I saw of the trailer, then I decide to check out the film.

  17. indiana jones would wrekt this place in no time

  18. Don’t look down! What’s the first thing you do?

  19. SPOILER ALERT: The movie was interesting and boring. The dialog was there and kept me waiting for the big reveal (Anubis) but at times I got bored. I only got jump scared once and that was at the beginning when the Pharaol’s cat ran past the robot. I liked the idea of where they were going with, but I do believe it could have been handled a bit better. The ending leaves you with questions. Did the girl survive? Did Anubis finally get out? Why did the Pharaol’s cat attack him at the end instead of the girl but was after them throughout the entire movie? Honestly, despite some of the flaws this movie have I can see them going through with a sequel that shows another group venturing down in another discovered pyramid with yet another Egyptian God. So again, the dialog kept me interested and bored, action was there to prevent me from falling asleep and so was the suspense. The acting and character was decent at best. Not enough plot or development for me to actually care about them. I originally give the movie a 6.5/10. Now a 7/10 because how much I loved the Anubis design ^_^

    • Only jump scare was when the Anubis killed the father and got his heart while he was still talking. Almost gave me a heart attack the first time i watched it lol

    • +gustavo flores Interesting.

    • 1DAR26 Well Anubis grabbed the child and to me child’s are pure hearted so it could make sense that he got out and I think the cats attacked Anubis because they are the “guardians of the underworld” in this case they guarding the pyramid so Anubis don’t escape but they aren’t good too that’s why they attack the humans too or some stuff like that lol, I actually like the movie even if it wasn’t that good cause I love movies bout Greeks and Egypt etc.

    • You got that all spot on mate.

    • Agreed, except I personally hated the CGI’s – they looked really unrealistic, and as such, really bad. The acting was decent, though it was off in some scenes. And while I don’t think Anubis was an evil god, I’ll let it be, since we don’t know for certain that he was a good god either 😀
      As to the questions, well, I’d say that even if Nora got out, she probably died of the disease. I don’t think Anubis would actually leave the pyramid because he was doing the weighting, so he himself believed his only way out was to find that one pure person, so even if he would leave to ‘hunt’, he’d inevitably return. I don’t think the cats were after the explorers in the first place: in the scene where a cat scratches Sunni, it was just being afraid, and therefore agressive; in the scene where they’re crawling through the tunnel, the cats were actually trying to escape Anubis (for whatever reason); and in the scene where the cats began eating Sunni, well that one’s really simple, they were hungry, and she was about to die anyway. I think that by the end of the movie, they bothered attacking Anubis because the girl was in fact the pure one, so they tried defending her, as they were supposed to according to myth, or maybe it was just pack instinct – “we’re many, he’s one, let’s get him”.
      I would like to see a sequel, but I think if one ever gets made, it’ll probably be a survived Nora trying to get back in with a crew of commandos, or a new crew of explorers asking her for help, but failing to heed her warnings, and eventually dying.

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