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The Stranger Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Horror Movie HD

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The Stranger Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Horror Movie HD

In this supernatural thriller, a mysterious man arrives in a small town seeking his wife, but his unwelcome presence and what he finds instead soon plunges the community into a bloodbath.

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  1. Since when was ‘The Green Inferno’ actually released?

  2. Oh wow. This might go straight to dvd

  3. Damn that main guy looked a lil bit like Jake Gyllenhaal + Iddo Goldberg.

  4. Somehow I can’t get this movie out of my mind. Almost like it created a horror based nostalgia the minute it was over and I went to bed and had dreams related to it. I can’t stop thinking about either of them…

  5. This is confusing… But I’m still going to watch it just to check and see for myself! ^.^

  6. From the producers of GREEN INFERNO. Yeah, remind me why they haven’t released this movie yet. August & September can’t get here any sooner. 🙁

  7. Wow! Haven’t seen a Eli Roth movie in a while!

  8. Que onda perros quien habla español xD

  9. Es raro ver a chilenos actuando y hablando ingles 😀 jajaja TODO EL EXITO DEL MUNDO A LA PELICULA! #Chile ♥

  10. i’m pissed that they said the producers of knock knock and green inferno when both still haven’t come out.

  11. ese pelao qlio es chileno que hace trabajando en esta wea fome de pelicula

  12. The plague is real… There is no cure… Oh pheww, thank God it’s just herpes… Oh wait no ! it’s Donald Trump !…Run for your lives ! We’re all fucked..

    • +Enchantress The Hero/Villain “The Children Of The Corn” (aka Donald Trump/Satan’s Children).

      and my favorite

      Trumpkinhead 2: Blood Wings (1993)

    • Enchantress The Hero/Villain

      +jason v. Trump aka Satan

    • I’d be perfectly fine with the guy if it was’t for the fact HES EXACTLY LIKE ADOLF HITLER. *awkward silence* 

      Just replace Mexicans with Jews and there you have it: Hitler’s early efforts that brought Germany out of economic and cultural ruin after ww1. Except, the fear is that if Trump is elected not only will 6 million people die as a result but perhaps the entire planet. WW3 would be an endgame. Not only that, Trump and the republicans don;t even recognize global climate change as even existing.

      That’s my fear. And its also why I’m voting for Bernie Sanders (Hillary is evil). Albeit, he’s an idealist and his plan might not work, sure. But the world needs more idealists working for good instead of Hitlers like Trump working for arcane- capitalistic evil, political power, or personal ego. 

      Bernie’s goals are at least altruistic in nature. I legitimately believe he means well. Trump, not so much..  

    • +mclarenV12 Why so scared of Trump? 🙂

  13. jajaj cool spoilers

  14. LOVED IT! 100/100 STARS!!!
    Cheers 🙂

  15. Cristian Gonzalo Zurita Uribe

    que bueno ver como el cine chileno se expande internacionalmente Gran logro recomendada x 1000

  16. It´s really a great movie!!! Love it!!!

  17. this look like it should be a TV series

  18. 0:37, even the movies are showing you people that the end is near..the Judgment of God is coming very soon on this earth…Jesus Christ is better be ready people…you better know the Lord..the Good news is that he loves you and you still have time to escape what is coming…Repent and know the lord, ask him to help you and he will

    • methanoic80 The end has came. it’s been up for a long time, you just don’t know. it came since Columbine and 9/11

    • +Gabrielle Diaz You need to understand that God is Just, and he punishes sin, in this life and the after life…you are an atheist, well i feel sorry for you, soon Jesus is coming…you gave up on him…infact you never knew him thats why some Christians convert..because they were religious but didnt know Christ in their heart and feel him..he was just an Icon to them…God bless you, i hope you read the whole bible and old to new and understand, and it will answer all your questions…And if you dont fool yourself in your own heart, you became atheist because of this?! But you cant see the Greatness of God in his creation? havent you read the new testament? OR you just want to be free from God, and from obeying his commands and want to walk your way 😉 and you want something to aid you believe there is no God??? i think you know the answer..goodbye Diaz

    • +methanoic80 After I murder you I will repent so I can end up in your fairytale

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