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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: [SPOILER] Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice For King Ezekiel

Well, this sucks. We faced another heartbreaking death on ‘The Walking Dead’, and this time it was to spare King Ezekiel’s life. Spoilers ahead.

This episode takes us back in time to the morning that Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and The Kingdom left for the war. As per usual King Ezekiel is optimistic, and he delivers a roaring heartfelt speech to not only his warriors, but their concerned families. The speech ends with all of the Kingdom’s people surrounding Ezekiel for one big group hug as Carol (Melissa McBride) watches. Then we immediately flash to the carnage outside of the Saviors hideout where Ezekiel and all of his men were gunned down at the end of the previous episode. To be honest, carnage is an understatement. It’s a horrific scene.

Ezekiel wakes up underneath a pile of his own men, all dead. He’s surrounded by death. Everyone he knows and loves is dead around him, some of them in pieces, and some of them are starting to “wake up.” Ezekiel’s been shot in the leg so he can’t stand, forcing him to drag himself through the carnage in an attempt to find a working gun. He fails, but is eventually rescued by one of his men who seemingly survived the shootout. Sadly it’s not Jerry, Ezekiel’s right-hand man, who has been missing since the bullets started — oh, and Shiva, too. As they are trying to make their escape the man is shot and killed, and a Savior sneaks up and take Ezekiel hostage.

Inside we catch up with Carol who has fully infiltrated the Saviors hideout. A group of them are packing up the massive military-grade gun they used to mass murder Ezekiel’s men, and Carol gets trapped in between the room they’re in and the hallway where other Saviors are moving about. A moment later we watch as the Saviors meet where Carol was last seen hiding, and then they are all shot down out of nowhere. Carol! It turns out she was hiding in the ceiling, and when she climbs down she finishes off a couple of the guys using her handgun. She doesn’t have much time though because suddenly another of Saviors come barging in, so Carol makes a run for it.

Carol & Shiva To The Rescue

The guy holding Ezekiel hostage reveals that they are taking the guns they just used to kill his men to the Sanctuary to take out the walkers they let in. However, they hit a dead end and when it comes down to it the Savior decides he’s going to kill Ezekiel and take his head back to Negan. Just as he’s about to do that, in comes Jerry and his battle ax to cut the dude in half. Yes, literally — he’s been cut in half. Jerry for the win!

Meanwhile, Carol gets stuck in a shootout with the Saviors. She eventually surrenders, but it’s a trick and once a Savior gets close enough she takes him hostage. The Saviors shoot right through him, but Carol manages to escape and open a gate where walkers have accumulated. The walkers attack the Saviors, which gives Carol something of an out, and eventually she gets the last two left alive cornered. Just as she’s trying to figure out what to do she sees Ezekiel and Jerry off to the side fighting off walkers where they are trapped against a locked gate. What will Carol do — stop the Saviors from saving the Sanctuary, or save Ezekiel and Jerry? She chooses Ezekiel and Jerry.

The good news? The Saviors don’t get very far with their weaponry. As Ezekiel asks how they’ll stop them from saving the Sanctuary, Carol hears the roar of Daryl’s motorcycle drive by. We then turn to Rick and Daryl who are quickly catching up with the truck of guns the Saviors are trying to move. Eventually Rick hops into the cab of the truck and kills the guy driving it, causing the truck to crash. It’s official: the guns aren’t making it to the Sanctuary!

Unfortunately the stress isn’t over just yet. Carol and Jerry do everything they can to get Ezekiel to safety, but eventually he gives up. He tries to be the hero by telling Carol and Jerry to leave him behind as he fends off a group of walkers, but they refuse. Before Ezekiel can be hurt or killed, Shiva comes out of absolutely nowhere and starts tearing through the walkers. The problem? There are just too many walkers, and eventually they overwhelm Shiva as Ezekiel is forced to watch her get eaten alive. It’s devastating to watch, and that’s how the episode ends.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — How do YOU feel about The Walking Dead killing off Shiva? Comment below, let us know.

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