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Tiramisu (Christmas Recipe) | Cooking with Dog

How to Make Tiramisu ティラミスの作り方 We would appreciate it if you could add subtitles for this video! Thank you for your support!

(serves 4~5 | 5"×5"×2" container)
100g Mascarpone Cheese (3.5 oz)
1 Fresh Egg Yolk
25g Sugar (0.9 oz)
½ tbsp Brandy or Rum
150ml Heavy Cream, 36% fat or more (5.1 fl oz)

150g Castella or other type of Sponge Cake (5.3 oz)
100ml Espresso or Strong Coffee (3.4 fl oz)
Cocoa Powder
Icing Sugar, moisture-resistant

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※型紙(Merry X'masとフランシスの肉球)





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  1. can i use ladyfingers made with egg whites? (the airy ones)

  2. コストコにあるやつと似てる!!

  3. This version respects the original italian recipe with interesting variations! A lot of love from Italy to all of you ~

  4. I wish stores sold mascarpone cheese…

  5. Hi can use any kind of brandy? Eg. XO,martell?

  6. it’s alright to add more layers of the mascarpone mixture, right? cause i really anjoy to have more than just two…
    this is a really good recipe, by the way

  7. Boy, you can really see how this channel has changed because of the western ‘influence’. Every video they remind us of the raw egg, and they even compromise by half-cooking it.

    In Japan it is very common, if you don’t want to eat it don’t eat it! Do you people even realize in how many products, especially dessert, raw eggs are used.

    And most of the times the egg is important for the structure or something, you can’t just leave it out otherwise they would’ve probably done it, just not to get over f*cking 40 comments per video about raw egg. Keep this piece of wonderful culture what it is. If we like they’re recipes, we adapt to them. And not the other way around.

    • +XxBloodyWenchxX I’m sure that’s true in some part of Europe, but there are thousands of European dishes that use raw eggs, and I’ve eaten them all my life. Just get free range, and EU food standards will do the rest. ‘Free range’ has poorer standards in the US, which is part fo the reason their yolks always seem to be watery and yellow rather than rich and orange, so I’d guess you’re more likely to get a bad egg in the US than in the EU. Mind you if you get a caged egg anywhere, all bets are off. The stress on the bird makes the eggs taste bad, and more likely to be diseased (though I guess they’d also be full of antibiotics, so not necessarily diseased)

    • +sacredmeow I HIGHLY doubt the Japanese eat raw chicken. I mean if you can cite your sources, I’d retreat but eating raw white meat is drastically more dangerous than eating raw red mean, and this is a world wide sentiment.

    • +zsazsazsusy They eat raw chicken, horse, whale, fish, etc. It could also come from improper cleaning when preparing meals. Salad can get you sick if contaminated, but so could touching faucets etc.

    • dear max.
      in europe and japan raw eggs are cleaned differently. so if you eat raw eggs in europe, you always run a risk of catching a salmonella infection 😉

      “we don´t allow them to make a dish the traditional way in that video” i loled! please show me the ancient ukyo-e scrolls of samurai eating tiramisu.
      anyways, most of the products you´d buy in a japanese supermarket have little and less to do with “traditional” japanese kitchen anyways. if you rant, about the downfall of japanese culture, please rant properly, sir.

      anyways, I´m shitstorming out of here, to destroy some european culture by preparing a fusion-wrap in my kitchen.

    • some lines should be drawn here. Western do eat raw eggs. Tiramisu is an italian receipe and curse you if you try to make it with cooked egg in italy! Same applies for carbonara and many other dishes. Also, in this video if you notice she uses whipped cream, instead traditional receipe says that you should you the white part of the egg. Overall, there are tons of European receips that includes not cooked I believe this is more for the US. Which eat tons of junk food daily but..oh be careful of raw eggs..

  8. Chef in a Christmas hat! :’D

    [gasp] Castella in tiramisu?! Genius!! I love castella!

  9. did i need to let egg yolk n sugar mixture to be cold 1st before mix the mascarpone cheese?

  10. “Ah… This warm kitchen feels good… Oh? I’m Francis, the sleepy host of this show, Cooking with Dog…” [cut to Francis with his eyes closed, as they continue to be for most of the video]

  11. こんばんは、奥さま。
    Cooking With Dogと奥さまの最大の功績は、お料理は身近なもので、

  12. Thank you so muchhhh

  13. 3:50
    And this makes the tiramisu special.

  14. what’s the substitute for mascarpone cheese? we dont have it in our country. im also having a problem with brandy. is it ok if i leave it out?

  15. I wonder how Francis looks like :O

  16. joselen carolina sarmiento

    kawai christmas perrita y la persona

  17. Can i leave out the alcohol? if no, then is there a substitute for it??

  18. oh my the narrator ^_^ i like the introduction heehee

  19. JYAAANG…hahaha that was the first time I laughed out loud at a cooking video! Love this recipe 😀

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