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TRANSFORMERS 5 _ Megatron Reveal Trailer (2017) Transformers: The Last Knight Action Movie HD

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  1. …and Feminists just ruined another film franchise. They ruin everything.

  2. Sunset Shimmer Gaming

    why are the Gekkos from Metal Gear in this movie? lolz

  3. Even the fucking transformers don’t know how to flip the fucking phone

  4. So this little girl walks over to Megatron and says to his face, that she’s not afraid of him?

    Yep, this is gonna suck

  5. I still miss the old actors…

  6. Remeber the good old days of Transformers? When it was robots v robots?

    • xXSombra_MainXx Golden times i miss it so much 🙁

    • I KNOW! The movie should be more focused on a select group of deceptions and autobots, and humans shouldn’t have as much influence on the fighting. The deceptions should crush everything like blackout in the first movie first scene, with the autobots being the only ones that can stand up to them.

  7. Here’s a little tip if you go to watch this movie. Just refill your drinks or go use the bathroom when the little girl starts to talk

  8. You run like a girl..Maybe because you’re a FUCKING GIRL

  9. They should rename the title, change it to: “Little Human Girl Fights Irrelevant 50’s-Era Stereotypes, plus Transformers”

    Much more fitting

  10. 1,000 subscribers with no videos

    Dear Megatron,

    Please rip her apart just like you did to Jass

    Love, Nicolas

  11. Who’s supposed to be the bad guy here, Megatron and his army or Optimus and his creators?

    • Star Wars VS in the movie Megatron was just a secondary character he’s a slave like he was in the second movie third and 4th

    • Star Wars VS I think tables will turn in this film, prime and megatron switch rolls as megatron wants to rule earth and take over it but he can’t do that because of prime on a rampage so it’s going to be deceptions and autobots teaming up together

  12. You know this movie is gonna really suck when Megatron gets taken out by Mark Walhberg with a grenade launcher.

  13. I cringed when the girl said, “You think I’m afraid of you?!” It’s one girl versus about 6 decepticons. I know for sure that I would be afraid of them.

  14. The Quentissons have come. notice how he says “my *maker* I do”

    • 9 Media
      About the Megatron part I’m not entirely sure, but it seems plausible. The reason Optimus is like that is because the quentissons messed with is head and he is now delusional. I thought of this as I saw an old animated transformers movie (like in 1980’s) wherein this happens and unicron too was involved

    • +Haris Arslan yah man. I think you are correct. They have some theory flying around that Megatron will actually become a Knight in this movie!? What do u think of that? In some of the release photos he has knight markings on him from which i was told.

  15. Can this girl die please? Also I want LadiesMan217 back.

  16. Will Bumblebee ever reunite with Sam?

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