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Home / TRY NOT TO CRY: Dogs Meet Their Owner After Long Time II [NEW] (HD) [Funny Pets]

TRY NOT TO CRY: Dogs Meet Their Owner After Long Time II [NEW] (HD) [Funny Pets]

TRY NOT TO CRY: Dogs Meet Their Owner After Long Time – Part II. AMAZING video.
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  1. This doesn’t make me cry it makes me happy

  2. This is my dog every time i get home from work

  3. Pewdiepie Tube SIMULATOR

    sometimes dogs show more love than humans does..

  4. dogs are the best people

  5. Made it up until 4:30. The old retriever got the tears rolling like clockwork. Don’t know what it is about old dogs.

    Damn it. They just get me every time.

  6. My dog does this every time i get home from work. lol

  7. L E G I T W A F F L E

    Alright time for me to go to my dog and hug the crap out of them for the 3rd time today lmao

  8. This video is so much harder for dog owners to watch without crying, I could really feel tears coming

    • I can imagine! I only own a cat, and even though he’s as playful and friendly as a dog, I can only imagine how hard it must be for dog owners to watch this

    • Lucas Isdahl I agree I’ve had 3 labradors in my life and one of them was put down a few years ago. It’s almost impossible

  9. I’m crying because I miss my dog and I don’t know where he is. He’s with another owner, but he the only dog that cared about me when I had him. I’ll never see him again and I think he’ll forget about me.

  10. i hate how this video has 69K likes and not doggystyleK likes

  11. 2:28 happy sausages !!!☺️

  12. me and my dog saw this together and he started playing with me

  13. Coming from school like…..

    *Licks + Loves Owner*
    Cats: Oh, You’re home. **Walks Off**
    *Leaves owner depressed*

    • TheKrayKrayGamer. cats dont give two shits about anyone. I hate cats. DOGS!!!! DOGS!!!! DOGGY-DOGS!!!! Gods gift to mankind!!!! Cats are nasty, mean, disgusting things. And men with cats!! lol funny thing… they dont like pussies!!!

    • Those who have not had a cat whom they’ve treated with RESPECT, then you can’t compare a cat with a dog.
      Cats are not evil. Cats will treat you a different way if you don’t show them enough respect. If you tease your cat (like MANY people do in youtube videos for an example where they then name the title like “CRAZY CAT!!!!”). In many youtube videos people are shown teasing their cats in different small ways, and then the cat feels threatend, which makes the cat hiss (all cats hiss when they’re feeling threatend) or even scratch you, as a say to defend themself (even though you didn’t attack them or anything), but the cats instincts say that if a thing does this and this, moves towards me very fast, shows a threatening pattern etc then your cat will react like this, and if you do something like this, it will affect your cat for a long time. The reason why a dog doesn’t do things as that is the fact that they’ve complete different instincts, they often see the teasing as a fun behavior which then often leads to them wanna play. No cats are evil. It’s just their way of expressing themself, such as hissing. Also maybe you’ve not done anything with a lack of respect for your cat, but it’s past owner could have or even a stranger it met outside.
      Both my cats are extremely loving, they vare for me in a way that my dog doesn’t, they both sense when I’m sad etc and they cuddle up beside me, when I got my tonsills out one of the cats layed on top of my chest for a whole week since I was in so much pain.

      Also, the fact that people think that dogs get way happier than cats do, that’s not really true either.. a dog express themself way more comforting (for US humans) than a cat does, they jump around and wag their tail, while cats mostly greet you with a meow and some strokes. But they both Love their owners equally, they just show it in different ways. Let’s not forget that we’re talking of two very different animals here.

    • TheKrayKrayGamer I Fed my dog nothing but chocolate for a wont believe what happened. come to my channel and watch my video to see the results.

    • Well there is a video similar to this about cats, and sure, they don’t explode in happiness, but they are supper happy, and it’s really cute. Cats are not terrible.

  15. Dogs are the cutest creation of god…. I will miss u tommy( sepreted from me few days ago)…

  16. I wonder how my dog will react when he sees my brother again in 3 months

  17. I lost at 0:01

  18. I must say it bring me almost to tears seeing young men and women in uniform.Β  The respect it commands and It’s worn byΒ the finest people this country produces.Β  A big God bless to all of you and great vid on top of that.

  19. I love how some of these dogs get so excited they run over to other people like “OH MY GOD THEYRE BACK CAN YOU SEE THEM THEYRE RIGHT THERE OH MY GOD LOOK AT ME GREET THEM I LOVE THEM”

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