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Wish Upon Official Trailer #3 (2017) Joey King Horror Movie HD

Wish Upon Trailer 3 (2017) Joey King Horror Movie HD [Official Trailer]

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  1. Just wish for that you never found the box and that none of that ever happened and that the demon thing cant hurt you or your family.

    • aleerul9527 I know damn well you didn’t just fucking spoil this damn movie! You’re an asswhole if you did but if not and thats just your guess nvm

    • Her last wish was to return to the day her dad found the box. She took the box then gave it to her friend, warning him not to use it. She died, nevertheless.

    • aleerul9527 i very much hope you haven’t seen the movie yet and didn’t just spoil an ending or a scene to those who want to watch it and who are going through the comments to see what other people think about the trailer…

  2. how the hell did her head fit in the disposal.

  3. jumanji paranormal edition

  4. Normies horror oh my God it’s so bad, bad acting from this trailer and awful editing… Directed by annabelle director oh God no

  5. I wish… I wish… I wish the goblins would come and take you away right now!

  6. i've had it up to here

    Guy 1: Hey guys, we need horror movie ideas
    Guy 2: How about we take Possession, Death Note and Final Destination and combine them into one movie about a wish box?
    Guy 1: *genius*

  7. la pendeja one ways

    this is a copy cat of the possession

  8. This is much funnier in this old joke:

    This guy finds a magic lamp and rubs it and out comes a genie. The genie grants him three wishes under the condition that his worst enemy will get double what he wishes for. So he first wishes for a million dollars. The genie grants his wish and says “You have a million dollars and now your worst enemy has two million.” The man’s upset but he continues. His second wish is for a date with Connie Chung. (I said it’s an old joke) … Then the genie says “You have a date with her and then your worst enemy has two dates with her.” He gets much more upset, then the genie says “You still have one wish left. What’ll it be?” The man pauses for a moment then says.. “Beat me half to death!”

  9. ripped off death note, period

    • Yes but they’re much different, in this movie the deaths are the price to pay due to wishes made, and to die is mostly someone close to the person making wishes, while in Death note deaths are made on will, it’s like killing

    • ah duh had it been the same it would’ve been plagiarism.

    • Tcab96 …well, im guessing this person is talking about the anime death note…
      but its not even close. In death note, its basically about a genius dude named Light finding a death note where you write names of people and they die after 40 seconds after their names have been written.
      (if you already know, then ignore this comment)

    • Carlos Silvério That doesn’t even make sense.

  10. Trash lol.

  11. this just got stupid sorry a box really??….

  12. I’m gonna go see this not because it looks “bad” or “good” , I’m gonna go for the gore, jump scares, and just to have a good time

  13. Holy fuckkkkkkk..this looks crazy 😅

  14. a foreign version of the filipino movie feng shui…hahaha…

  15. looks worse than that ouija film. fucking pointless scary movies that are not scary right!!

  16. oh its a wishmaster remake looks jus as bad

  17. this should not be posted this would give kids nightmares for the rest of thare life!!!!!!!!!!!! plese do not post this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I definitely wouldn’t pay to see this but I’d watch

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