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CLOWNTERGEIST Official Trailer (2017) Clown Horror Movie HD

CLOWNTERGEIST Official Trailer (2017) Clown Horror Movie HD
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  1. Looks okay, but the name lacks everything. Clowntergeist? Really?

  2. this looks like a hilarious movie XD

  3. Wow, this looks terrible. It’s already flopped and it’s not even out yet.

  4. how can you be scared of a clown, a clown’s as good as a punching bag to beat up

    • Well people always got scared of a man’s mouth covered with blood and dark around his eyes. Clowns sometimes have red paint around the mouth and black circles around their eyes, also face is bright white meanwhile a corpse is pale so a bloody corpse and a clown with makeup would look similar.   If that’s not scary I don’t know what is

    • Physically and Literally, this clown’s a Punching Bag. what part of that cant you see….

    • I would honest to god love to see what drugs you were taking when you thought of that

    • think about it… a clown’s face is so Huge it can ricochet almost off anything it hits against. You could literally hit its head and it’d bounce off a wall like a Tennis Ball

    • Dowgdee clown are a real phobia and don’t judge others for it

  5. this looks like a fake movie trailer

  6. this reminds me of twisted metal, the game 😅

  7. so this is it heh?

  8. I hope this is fake lol just leave it to the professionals

  9. 0:58 they are three and he is one.Just attack him


  11. its not scary

  12. derpy charmander/Aldrizard

    it makes this look like meet the blacks

  13. lmao this movie trying to be IT so bad

  14. The acting alone… 🤦🏾‍♀️

  15. Bullshit crap movie!

  16. Her: Come over
    Me: I can’t the ringling brothers are working me to the bone this summer
    Her: Well….. Clowns do turn me on
    Me: 1:35

  17. Looks like a RackaRacka Ronald Mcdonald trailer

  18. It gone wrong

  19. What a fucking mess

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