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Goodnight Mommy Official Trailer #1 (2015) Horror Movie HD

Goodnight Mommy Trailer 1 (2015) Horror Movie HD [Official Trailer]

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  1. This movie scared the crap out of me, literally gave me chills

  2. So this is how all the Hollywood kids feels like 🤔

    • Don’t stereotype hollywood kids, my parents were there mornings and after school. We only had a babysitter for a couple hours after school and on date nights.

  3. Damn zach and cody go savage.

  4. 1:43 … man she was just like ‘what’s this in my mouth hmm lemme eat it to see’ *crunch* ‘mmm I love it’

  5. Man in the Radiator

    That cockroach-crunching scene is quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever seen a trailer do, because that is NOT in the movie. Those are two completely separate scenes (the scene where she wakes up and starts chewing actually takes place BEFORE the scene where the cockroach is put in her mouth) and editing them together like this gives a completely wrong impression of the movie.

  6. 1:12 YOU NOT MAH DAD!

  7. I would DEFINITELY watch this obviously amazing movie if it weren’t for the bugs. Sorry. That got way too real.

  8. Gratulation Österreich. Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass wir auch Meschen im Land haben, die gute Filme produzieren.

  9. the whole film was so damn slow…. i hated this

    • most people now have been raised on jump scares, needing little to no attention span. it’s a jump scare ever minute to keep your adrenalin up but it ends up very unsatisfying. i think the slow build creepy atmospheric films are the scariest, the ones that stress you out.

    • So basically you don’t like story driven horror films. Everyone has their preferences I suppose.

    • +Sislove V i didnt say that other people wont like it.. i just said my personal opinion

  10. They only said like 87 words during the whole movie.

  11. I know they have English subtitles, but is there an English version anywhere?

    • +Cristiane Domingos agreed.

    • WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE SO DAMN TOUCHY?? THEY ARE SIMPLY ANSWERING IF THERE IS AN ENGLISH VERSION OR NOT? Don’t comment saying how you always need to read the subtitles, there have been various sites online on which give the movie/series dubbed (if thats the word) so please people just quit it already.

    • Some people are touchy about this legitimate question. “Quit complaining and just read it you lazy $%^&.” Lighten up.

    • 18 78 How is wanting an English version lazy? Jackass. It’s just irritating having to read it in subtitles while watching the movie.

  12. Isn’t that the house from HUMAN CENTIPEDE?

  13. MattyB’s acting is sooo good 😍😍😍

  14. This movie was awesome. That scene where they cut her lips apart was brutal lol Even more creepy because capgras syndrome is a real thing

  15. This movie has a GREAT twist at the end. If you’re never going to watch it, read more.

    There was a car accident that messed up the moms face and killed one of the twins. The one twin is hallucinating his brother. It actually IS his mother, but he’s insane. He tortures he and eventually traps her in the burning house.

    • FerreusNRG the “kid drowned in the pond” idea is from the movie. It’s heavily implied right in the beginning if you watch the movie. and near the end she tells the alive twin “it’s not your fault ” since he was there when he supposedly drown.

    • Amirah Khaleeda yes that’s exactly what I was thinking, I love that movie especially the very ending scene

    • Princess Pepsi Oliveros

      Spoiler. Hehe

    • Eggthan324 It sounds like a movie I heard of. A girl had a sister who died in a fire with her grandma and her father got in love with a woman and she killed her, and she thought her sister was there but it was a hallucination, she is now in a medical hospital. It was something like Don’t Come In?

    • Amirah Khaleeda That’s exactly how it seemed.

  16. i dont know who’s more demented in this the kids or the mommy lol

    • the plot is that there were 2 twins one died in car accident and the mother got injured like u saw the one kid was well lets call it imaginating that his twin brother was still alive 🙁

    • Raven Blaze the kid, but the the plot twist is that it’s not really the mommy that’s insane. It’s the child.

    • But, if the kids are sociopaths, they won’t see it as “her being normal”. So the question is , who’s delusional? Them or her?

    • even if the kids were sociopaths, she could have tricked them by acting normal. but she didn’t.

  17. what’s up with the creepy music, I had my head phones in!!!!

  18. All because the mom voted for Donald Trump.

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