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Happy Death Day Official Trailer #1 (2017) Horror Movie HD

Happy Death Day Trailer 1 (2017) Horror Movie HD [Official Trailer]

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  1. Byeeeeee

  2. happy cringe day

  3. This is the best movie of 2017 together with β€œIT” .. these 2 movies have saved the year .. I am at last satisfied because the last couple of years we had only shitty movies in the cinema scene .. like if you agree


    It’s the girl who gave her the cupcake she put poison in it but the girl threw it in the trash so she had to try and kill her another way then she got a mental patient to try and kill the girl

  5. Was anyone else disappointed that that wasn’t her ringtone wasn’t “Go Shorty, It’s Your Birthday” in the actual movie? Other than that, great movie, go see it.

  6. This better be a damn good movie if the add for it keeps popping up everywhere I go

  7. It’s like groundhog day but with more blood and white girls

  8. I’m hella mad that 50 cent ringtone wasn’t in the movie

  9. I just watched it, it is so good

  10. Her dads triggered for her not answering her call.2017 I guess.

  11. It’s more than one person

  12. 0:28 she is killer because she have shame shoe at 2:14

  13. Easy the killer is 50 cent. Case solved.

  14. They change the song, 50 cent wasn’t her ringtone in the movie 😭

  15. I’m calling it, it’s me

  16. I want to say I’m terrified, but every time I look at the the “scary” guy with the mask, I laugh

  17. The killer is obviously 50 cent

  18. she needs to answer her dad oml that’s the problem .πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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