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RT Shorts – Siri: The Horror Movie

Beware the upgrade…..
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RT Shorts – Siri: The Horror Movie

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  1. Just like a good trailer, it spoils all of the deaths in the film!

  2. Bet Barbs was taking a piss while taking that shower 😀

  3. – Let me go !   
    – Sorry, i dont understand.

    XD hilarious !!!

  4. The only real horror in this video is that the camera angle in Barbara’s shower scene was too high 😉

    • She was wearing a tube top sadly…

    • i know it was the most probable thing that she was wearing something (i doubt roosterteeth hires someone to get atually fully naked for 5 seconds of footage or even at all) i was just saying i think she said that “the best way to get hired by rt is to get naked” (thats a paraphrase) and she referenced this

    • +dnceleets Nope. On 1 of the Internet Box podcasts, she crushed a lot of dreams by confirming that there was in fact a tube top in the equation.

  5. the reason why i have an android 😀

    • amdroid is better because It has a much better camera, higher resilution screens, much faster processor, and you can do more with it. THing is you can find one for less than orthe same price as an iphones

    • end of story stock android is superior….touchwiz needs some work

    • +gaming with iinfected
      I will repeat myself, jailbreaking makes ios an open platform. Sure android already comes like that but I like the feel of iphone better, I like the springboard better, I find the battery life better (at least on my 5s) my playstation emulator runs full speed my friends new galaxy has a lot of lag on animations, her tablet runs it at full speed, plus I think android is too big and again just feels weird in my hand…either way it all comes to preference, I could care less if android could send out holograms I just like ios better. And I probably won’t go to android till jailbreak dies.

    • LeagueofAverageGamers

      +suekru closed platform vs open platform. Open platform used to be androids only edge not anymore they have passed apple hardware wise aswell

    • +Gaming with iinfected android is better than iPhone, because they are opened, but if you jailbreak an iPhone then I think iPhone wins, but thats my opinion. It is stupid that apple has so many restrictions though:/ 

  6. Siri-al killer

  7. This video sponsored by Android

  8. So in the first month of her job, the new girl from Canada is in a short where she is seen as naked…? I mean, I would too if I had a new job at RT, but damn…

  9. I guess you could say she’s…. a siri-al killer.

  10. The only horror part of this was Barbara’s death being filmed in vertical cam. Seriously?

  11. Should be an actual movie lol

  12. best horror movie trailer I’ve ever seen, siriously

  13. You know people are gonna watch a video when the thumbnail shows Barbara Dunkelman in the shower.
    Just saying.

  14. Back when RvB was the ending music!

  15. Micheal’s narrator voice.

  16. Windows phone ftw

  17. Honestly, rage quit is the one bit on rooster teeth I actually like, so I’m glad Michael survives doods.

  18. Siri-ously another movie about a siri-al killer?

  19. 0:56 why cant they just tilt the Camera down a Little and everyone would be happy

  20. I totally didn’t just watch this to see naked Barbara. Yeah that’s absurd.

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