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Top 10 Types of Horror Movie Victims

Top 10 Types of Horror Movie Victims // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
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Clichés are used for a reason, and these character tropes have definitely made an appearance in your favourite horror movie! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Types of Victims in Horror Movies! But what will take our top spot? The Promiscuous Girl, the Final Girl, or the unfortunate minority character who too often dies first? Watch to find out!

00:50 #10. The NonBelievers
01:35 #9. The Redneck
02:21 #8. The Fat One
03:11 #7. The Love Interest / The Best Friend
04:06 #6. The Stoner
05:05 #5. The Authority Figure
06:02 #4. The Jock / The Jerk
06:53 #3, #2, #1 ???

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  1. The final girl aka the virgin :)) XD

  2. be the camera guy. he never dies.

  3. in reality the black guy runs

  4. you forget bitches tripping over nothing.

  5. has anybody seen that its always white people who cause the problem,any other color people would run

  6. 5:30 HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO DEWEY! I mean i know he is kind of a useless cop (except for in Scream 4) but he is still very likeable!

  7. To survive don’t have friends

  8. luis alfonso aldana higuera

    I was the only one that notice that most of this cliches are in friday the 13th

  9. in real life the black guy would totally book it the he’ll outta there

  10. Asterion The Redeemer

    I like the narrator’s voice. Sounds like she has a nice rack.

  11. Lmao, it doesn’t even have to be a horror film… the black guy always dies

  12. The one friend Who has no life

    The cop character are useless

  13. Honestly if I’m going to die by the hands of a murderer I’d rather be high when i die, because at least my last moments were spent in bliss.

  14. #outofideas

  15. You guys are running out of ideas aren’t you

  16. I just watched A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors yesterday

  17. xUncreativeUsernamex

    Tbh, the only people I’ve felt bad in horror movies are the people who put up a fight, but end up dying anyway. Points for trying though.

  18. My list

    1. The slut
    2. The muscular dude
    3. The Skeptics
    4. The Police man
    5. The Jock
    6. The screamer
    7. The bitchy person
    8. The one we thought would survive
    9. The dumb one
    10. The fat one

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