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‘Knock it off’: Longtime Trump pal breaks silence to demand end to ‘lock her up’ chants

After knowing President Donald Trump for 30 years, Robert Torricelli has concluded that the most effective way to talk to his friend is by going on national television.

Torricelli, a former Democratic Party U.S. senator from New Jersey, made the observation during an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Beat” with Ari Melber on Thursday.


Near the end of a segment discussing Kanye West’s chaotic Oval Office appearance, Torricelli gave a speech to the president.

“I want to say, on the off chance that Donald Trump is actually watching this or paying attention to our words tonight — I’ve known Donald for 30 years, he actually wrote checks to me, contributed when I was on the campaign, he was the biggest employer in New Jersey, in Atlantic City — we were friends,” Torricelli explained.

“This ‘lock her up’ stuff — knock it off,” he demanded.

“We can disagree on policy and politics — it is bad for the democracy, it is bad for our country, it is irresponsible,” he charged. “A democrat should not answer in kind, but he needs to stop it.”

“It is beneath him, it is beneath all of us,” he added.

“You say know Donald Trump well,” Melber noted. “Do you think you are more likely to get that message across to him by TV, as opposed to by phone?”

Torricelli paused momentarily, as a grin emerged on his face.

“I think the way to communicate with the president, is the way I just did,” the politician nicknamed “The Torch” replied.


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