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All of the shows FOX promoted with actors at the World Series and really wants you to watch

It’s a tale as old as time, with some beauties and some beasts.

Every year, FOX uses the MLB postseason — and specifically the World Series — to try and direct as many eyeballs as possible to their new fall shows or those soon to air in the winter or spring.

To do that, they not only stack every game broadcast with endless commercials for each show and critical praise (or sometimes “praise”) peppered throughout the game, but the network sometimes sends top actors from each show to the game to sit along the first-base line.

They smile, and wave sometimes, and nod along with whatever the broadcast is saying to promote their show, in the hopes that they make it past their first season order and are successful enough to never have to do this song and dance again.

This year, they employed this strategy for a few shows. It was probably a lot easier to do that this year since the Dodgers play a hop, skip, and a jump away from Hollywood, but they showed up in Houston as well. Some of these are just beginning their broadcast lives, some are veterans by comparison, and one isn’t even on the air yet.

The Orville

Seth MacFarlane did the honors for this cast, which makes sense since he’s also the creator of the show. Unfortunately, Joe Buck didn’t mention that you’d probably be better off just watching your favorite old Star Trek episodes, but if you did what he told you and checked out The Orville,let us know.

The in-game promo gambit probably didn’t make a difference this quickly, but The Orville got renewed for a second season right after the World Series ended. So you can probably expect MacFarlane to be back in similar seats next year to promote it some more.


This show is … X-Men without the X-Men something something? FOX sent leads Stephen Moyer, Sean Teale, and Blair Redford to hang out and watch some bases and balls in order to stir up interest for their freshman drama. While the concept of the show might be tough to explain in a snippet on air, “three hot guys watching baseball” isn’t so bad and, as marketing tactics go, that’s a pretty good one. It might not help the show get past a first season but it gave viewers something nice to look at, so that’s a win.


Dylan McDermott showed up to a baseball game to mug and smile, which he’s better at than many others out there in his line of work. His show won’t air until 2018, so the chances anybody even remembers it was promoted this postseason with him showing up are slim. Early reviews are good, but early marketing is a bit cheesy, so maybe McDermott’s face will help balance that out and get people to tune in.

With the news cycle these days, who even knows what we’ll remember of this World Series in a few months?

The Mick

The marketing moves for this show and the next one weren’t quite as thirsty as the above programs because they’re already in at least their second seasons, but FOX still wants as many eyes on them as possible so they gave them prime real estate in Game 7.

The cameras showed Kaitlin Olson, star of the show, but conspicuously left out her It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphiacostar — and her real-life husband — Rob McElhenney who was sitting one seat over. The reasoning is clear, as Always Sunny is on FX, which FOX does not care about and The Mick is actually on FOX.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

McElhenney getting cut out of the shot of Kaitlin Olson was made even funnier when the cameras returned to their section to highlight Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Andy Samberg. Samberg was sitting on the other side of McElhenney and the camera once again cut Rob out of the shot.

I’d say tough luck, buddy, but this was so far beyond luck as it was a clear strategic decision by the cameraman and the network to not highlight any shows not on FOX itself.

Looks like he’ll have to get in on that sweet FOX half-hour comedy action by this time next year if he wants to be able to say hi to his family at home during a game.

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