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Adopting Kittens

The day ours were adopted! We had a hard time choosing as we could only bring two of them home! Tabby one = Hedwig Black one = Rufus Hedwig was mostly alone and didn't play much, Rufus seemed like the only one who could get to him, like they already …

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Adoption Day | Life with a Cat

Who picked who? Adoption day is a two-way street. For all of you animal lovers out there, please share your amazing stories of how you found your four-legged family member in the comments below! Subscribe to Friskies' YouTube Channel – Like Friskies on Facebook – Follow Friskies on Twitter – …

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Adopting a New Cat

Adopting a New Cat. Cats and kittens are the cutest little pets, right? How could you go to an animal shelter and NOT come home with a furry little feline friend? Watch as this couple makes the most important decision OF THEIR LIVES. Be Sure To Subscribe to Studio C …

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Siberian farm cats, Snowfall,Сибирские кошки, Снегопад,Tyoma, Solnyshko (Sunny), Pooh ,

Siberian cats, Snowfall,Сибирские кошки, Снегопад,Tyoma, Solnyshko (Sunny), Pooh , Tyoma, Solnyshko (Sunny), Pooh ,Siberian cats, Snowfall, Тёма,Солнышко, Пух .22 Ноября 2013 Сибирские кошки, Снегопад Алтай Барнаул #Koshlandia, Siberian farm cats Pooh, Solnishko and Tyoma Пух, Солнышко и ТЁМА Солнышко Тёма #Siberian #Farmcat #cats #catvideo Solnyshko – Solnishko Ginger Cat Котята …

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The Siberian Cat Breed, from

A large semi-longhair cat, the Siberian came from a harsh environment, evolving on the streets of St Petersburg and the farms of rural Russia. To cope with this, the coat is dense with a heavy undercoat and a longer, weatherproof outer coat. Siberians come in all colours and markings, including …

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