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RT Shorts – Siri: The Horror Movie

Beware the upgrade….. Get the song at the end of the video here: » Join FIRST to watch episodes early: » Get your Rooster Teeth merch: » Subscribe: About RT Shorts: It's here. More Rooster Teeth: » Achievement Hunter: » Let's Play: » Red vs. Blue: RT Shorts – Siri: …

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Siberian cat on Top of Door

Sascha the Siberian cat loves to climb on top of doors. He gets there by jumping on the bannister at the top of the stairs and from there jumps on top of the door. My other Siberian never does this. Do other Siberian cat owners find it is just the …

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Bengal Kitten Introduction to adult cats – Part 1

For more info, visit or Facebook Chatzi is a 6month old Bengal boy. This is part one of a series of feline cat behaviour films looking in detail into his introduction to a house with another Bengal cat called Freya and a Mixed Breed Moggy called Teego The music is …

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dog barking

THIS IS A VIDEO OF A DOG BARKING just in case anyone was wondering, I wasn't doing anything to make this dog bark. Just one of several occasions where she would start barking for no reason at all.

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