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Helen’s Recipes Channel Trailer

Hi everyone, thank you for dropping by my channel. If you are looking for some authentic Vietnamese Home Cooking recipes, you are at the right place!

Here you will find all kinds of Vietnamese Food from noodles to desserts, from meat to vegetables and all kinds of Vietnamese Banh. In my cooking tutorials I try my best to help you cook your favourite Vietnamese dish in the most authentic yet easiest and fastest way possible. I also share with you many amazing cooking techniques that I learned from my friends and the internet to make your experience in the kitchen much more fun and enjoyable.

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  1. Can you please do a video how to make banh canh nouc dua ? Pleasee lol that would be greatly appreciated

  2. What a great introductory video for your channel :). Love it, subscribed!

  3. great good videos helen recipes.

  4. Trang Dannangcuisine có Helen’s Kitchen Tools, giá trên đó là giá giao tại việt nam rồi hay sao bạn?

  5. I love your accent :>
    Sounds like Buk Lau. lol

  6. Chị ơi, đi du học rồi, xem video của chị mới thấy đỡ nhớ đồ ăn nhà, em cám ơn chị rất nhiều, xem video chị thèm ăn mới lăn vào bếp được <3


  8. Chi Helen chi em cach nau Crawfish with garlic butter giong nhu trong may nha hang Viet voi. Em cam on chi nhiu 🙂

  9. I’m not interested in Vietnamese food but I couldn’t help but subscribe. Your ad was just so perfect 🙁

  10. How in the world are there 32 dislikes on this video!?

  11. How To Basic is a lot better 😛

  12. Helen nau’ an kheo’ tay qua’

  13. omg, the ads on one of the video i watched.  i was like wtf.

  14. Female Buk Lau????!!!

  15. I think i’d rather have a beautiful woman like you cook 😉

  16. Love all of your videos

  17. Only 17 minutes. I like it.

  18. I’ve been following your videos for a while and learned a lot about vietnamese dish. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your talent!

  19. why i’m here?

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