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200 ml coconut milk 7 fl.oz.
200 g sugar ( 7 oz/ 1 cup)
1 pinch of salt
½ tsp pandan extract
6 eggs eggs
240 g tapioca starch (8.5 oz / 2 cups)
2 ½ tsp single-acting baking powder (eg. Alsa brand )
Optional: 1 pack vanilla sugar 11g (or 1 tsp vanilla extract)

Nguyên liệu
200 ml nước cốt dừa
200 g đường
1 tí muối
½ mcf nước lá dứa
6 cái trứng
240 g bột năng
2 ½ mcf bột nổi
1 ống vani nhỏ)

**Do NOT use double-acting baking powder, only single-acting (eg. Alsa brand ) works. Difference: Single-acting works once when it gets wet. Double-acting works twice: first when it touches a liquid and then again when it is heated.
**The cake tastes the best freshly out of the oven. It can be stored for 1-2 days by wrapping in plastic wrap. If you serve it on the next day, microwave for about 15 seconds.
**Making this cake might look easy, but it is also easy to FAIL. Please follow the measurements and instructions closely, otherwise the cake might not have the honeycomb texture, or collapse. Check out my blog to find out why your cake collapses!
** The cake tastes very good with pandan extract, but you can replace pandan extract with other flavour.

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  1. Sao bánh mình làm theo nhự công thức ! Nhưng bánh bỏ vào lò nướng bước đầu thì bình thường nhưng còn khoảng 10 phút hết giờ bánh lại nổi bên trái càng phìn lên . Khi lấy ra cắt ko có rể tre mà lại déo ! Mình ko biết do làm sai hay là do lò nướng . Bạn có thể cho mình biết nguyên do . Cám ơn bạn nhiều !

    • Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food)

      +anh dao nguyen ban xem cac luu y o duoi info box duoi video xem minh co lam sai cho nao ko nhe. Bánh này hơi đỏng đảnh, nhiều khi do bột nổi, hoặc cái khuôn, hoặc nhiệt độ lò chư chuẩn nó cũng dễ hỏng. Bạn đọc kỹ các lưu ý roi thử lại xem sao nhe

  2. I have a question, for the baking powder, I have a brand called Alsa but I’m not sure if it’s a single baking powder or not though, I watched other videos on YouTube and a lot of those youtubers showed using that brand but just to be sure I wanted to ask you to make sure if that brand would work or not. I tried looking at the Asian market and the grocery stores but I couldn’t find a single acting powder so the only brand I already have is the Alsa but sadly I don’t see it saying if it’s a single acting powder or double.

    • Helen’s Recipes (Vietnamese Food) would I use the whole Alsa packet or just 2 1/2 tsp of it? I saw a video on YouTube that says if we use the Alsa brand then we would use 1 whole packet of it. Also in that same video they showed to put a bit of oil in the mixture but in your recipe you didn’t so would you happen to know the difference if I add oil or not or can I just skip that step?

    • Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food)

      Alsa is single-acting. It’s great to use for this recipe

  3. bạn dùng bột năng hiệu nào vậy?lg

  4. it looks like a disastrous honeycomb. No layers are formed. Only wholes on a muddy termite nest.. Really. Even from the whisking time and flour adding, I could tell how it would go wrong.

  5. I make this all the time and I use double acting baking powder, works like a charm!

  6. Hi Helen, I don’t have tapioca starch, is there another flour or starch I can substitute it for?

    • Gigi Vo no. But you can try Malaysian honeycomb cake. it use all purpose flour. different recipe but it same cake texture.
      source : savoury day.

  7. nếu làm 140g bột thì xài bao nhiêu trứng vậy

  8. you didn’t use rice flour. the rice flour will soften up the chewy texture. that’s why the cake looks way too chewy.

  9. Hi Helen, I just love your recipe for this pandan honey comb cake, your instructions is very easy and I have great success following it, Thank you. (^O^)

  10. Also too much pandan extract it’s too green, maybe lessen it next time or add two drops of yellow food coloring to give it a nice light green color. I don’t see much re tre in here

  11. vietnamemperor123461

    I try double acting baking powder and it works wonderfully! In fact the cake got even more honeycomb. The key in this recipe is to make sure not to over beat the egg because it will create bubble and it cause the cake to rise unevenly.

  12. Hi helen. Lovely recipe.
    I want to know something. Can you use baking soda instead of baking powder?
    Its hard to find baking powder in the supermarket.

  13. is the little pandan extract enough to give it also pandan taste?

  14. Hi Helen! I attempted this recipe & my cake smelled egg-y. Is it supposed to smell like cooked eggs?

    • MKYang10 Helen added a little bit of pandan extract to get rid of egg-y smell. You can add any kind of extract if you do not have pandan extract

  15. Music is too loud.

  16. The shade of green looks alarmingly radioactive!

  17. This worked for me so well! Thank you for the recipe!😊😄

  18. mình ko tìm đc bột gạo,có thể say gạo ra thành bột rồi làm ko bạn

  19. Helen oi, xin hoi Backpulver nao cua Duc cung la single acting het phai khong? Minh o Uc nen khong the mua duoc loai bot noi cua Duc, minh co the dung bot noi Alsa duoc khong?

  20. What would occurred if steamed?

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