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How to make BUN BO HUE – Vietnamese Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

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Ingredients: For 6-8 servings (1kg = 2,2 lb)
– 1kg pork trotters (pig's front feet)
– 1kg beef shank
– 1kg beef/pork bone
– 1kg rice vermicelli noodle
– 5 stalk lemon grass
– 1tbsp minced lemongrass
– 1tbsp minced garlic
– 1tbsp minced shallot
– 1tbsp chili powder
– fresh greens: herbs (mint, Viet mint rau ram, Thai basil), bean sprout, banana blossom, shredded lectuce/ cabbage, split water spinach etc.
– lime, sugar, salt, fish sauce
– 2 tbsp Vietnamese shrimp sauce (mam ruoc)
-Optional: blood cubes, Vietnamese shrimp patties, Vietnamese ham

Music by KÁ
"Don't think twice it's alright"
"A morning song"
"Sparrow sparrow"

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  1. Helen oi em nau cho anh an voi nhe.

  2. Omg my attention is in the music then your voice so sad make me sad and dscomfort while watching

  3. I have wondered for many years what we can do with that shrimp paste. I’ve bought it several times, there’s some in the refrigerator now. A few spoons full does a lot! I’ve never seen or heard of this technique before, making a stock from the shrimp paste. The shrimp paste is very strong and “challenging”, but we eat canned anchovies, and they are similar and might be even MORE fermented. I’m going to do this!

    • You can try your hand at making papaya salad. It’s really good in there. There’s also a recipe with ground pork that my family fondly calls “stinky pork” that uses shrimp paste. It’s one of the first few recipes Helen made. Just make sure when you cook with shrimp paste, you cook it outside or open all your windows and let the wind blow the smell out. It is quite…strong in a not good way while it’s cooking. But delicious when done. LOL

    • Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food)

      +Leonard Pearlman yes, that is the secret of Vietnamese cooking 🙂

  4. what stuff put into the pan at 3:29 mins? I’m sorry my english is not well, who can tell me all of the stuff? I just know when cook the meat put 1 spoon salt

    • Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food)

      Hi Juan Yu, it’s minced lemongrass

    • Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food)

      please follow the link below the video, you can print out the written recipe on my page for all inrgredients and instructions

    • I’m sorry I didn’t write clear, the video at 3:17, Make Sate, I mean what are they? Because my listening is not good for English, and I didn’t see some English list. so I don’t know what ingredients i need prepare

  5. Ực ực…. 😳😳😳😳😳

  6. I really like metal hammer like the one you bruise the lemon grass. Where can I get it?

  7. This dish looks amazing. Love your video. The song is adorable like you ❤

  8. That’s my favourite vietnamese food, i prefer this one to Phở.

  9. Eren The Retarded Titan

    Helen is a weeaboo

  10. The songs are really good and too distracting..

  11. How many water do you use the shrim sause ? Thé one you cook in the pot

  12. currently in hong kong and havent been able to find good bun bo hue so i’m watching this video hoping I will get my fix

  13. I love your videos, but not the music.

  14. Oh my word, I’m the only one that really likes the background music lol, I realize I’m late to the party on this video, so glad I found your channel.

  15. Can’t get through your instructional video because the background music is similar volume to your voice and is very distracting.

  16. Love the video, hate the background music

  17. I’m trying to make this now and I notice everyone makes it differently

  18. Bon api tit lol

  19. Please remove the background music! Love your videos but no cannons focus on your voice and your voice is so beautiful anyway. No vocals in background music because it competes with you.

  20. Hello Helen. I do enjoy your demonstrations. But please, do not use the singing background, that does not sound OK for the Vietnamese cooking..

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