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Jamie Olivers Banana bread recipe —

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  1. ‘How do you beat butter?’ Nice one Pop😂

  2. “I love making banana bread.. but they never seem to turn out well do they?” Haha, literally me every time I decide to cook!! -G,x

  3. It helps when the bananas are much more brown!!

    • Willfuss yeah! we only really have banana cake/bread when we have old bananas! but it goessss sooooo fast 😂😂

    • Bekah Cunningham that’s what I was gonna say, like almost to the point where the bananas are all brownish black… the flavor is much more tasty. 😊

  4. you should do more videos like this

  5. 3:15 – who else started singing beat the butter and the sugar ’til it’s done?

  6. Their voices sound really high in this video? Haha good video tho! Poppy looks gorgeous as always xo

  7. Same kitchen Alfie and Marcus did their Yule log video 😂

  8. “Ma-mmaaa-mama says girls are the devil” Lol my little brother loves water boy and The replacements

  9. Am I the only one who thought their voices sounded funny in this video?

  10. Is it just me that’s never tried banana bread ? 😬x

  11. is it just me or does Poppy always seem like she’s in a rush to finish lol

  12. Your banana bread doesn’t turn out good because you need brown bananas

  13. OMG Yeeees
    Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina ! :*

  14. who else was cringing when they didn’t know how to beat the butter.

  15. beating just means mixing

  16. 5:49 When the banana mixture barely makes it in the bowl! 😂😂

  17. Poppy your suppose to beat butter with a mixer but you can do it with a spoon aswell it will just take longer 😂 but seeing you too bake together is so cuteee 😍 couple goallss ❤

  18. I love water boy , one of my faves not gonna lie

  19. am I the only one who thinks their voices sound so high looool

  20. There’s something about Sean and Poppy together that just makes me happy

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