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The BEST Banana Bread EVER!!! Veda Day 22

this is my all-time favorite banana bread recipe – you can also find one similar on, just search for banana sour cream bread – everyone who tries this says it's the best banana bread they've ever had! easy recipe too 🙂 enjoy!!

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  1. If you was going to add nuts to this recipe how much would you put in this recipe. Thanks for the recipe. Looks amazing.

  2. what if i dont have sour cream? would there be something else to substitute it? pls

    • I will ad walnuts when I make it

    • NO, the sour cream does NOT make it soggy! have you even made this recipe? i make it once a month and it’s NEVER been soggy. yes, walnuts are wonderful in banana bread. i was simply stating that this recipe does not call for nuts. add them if you want.

    • Ripe bananas are already moist as is there fore you would just make it soggy plus walnuts make it twice as delicious

    • don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. sour cream is used in many cake recipes, breads, etc….research it. try it. you can’t taste the sour cream, it simply makes it super moist. also, there are no nuts in this bread. i have tried MANY banana bread recipes and this one is THE BEST i have ever tried. good day, sir.

    • Naima L Mariner buttermilk

  3. it looks good.😛

  4. Radha sankar-sookhai

    tasty banana bread recipe. The best yet. Thumbs up .

  5. ok I’m back, I looove this recipe I go back and forth between this one and the Martha Stewart banana bread recipe and I love it. what I like about this recipe is it makes waaaay more then the Martha Stewart. yum

  6. If there’s no “Skip Ad in 5 Seconds” then Pause and DO NOT WATCH!!!

  7. an hour an half?

  8. Looks tasty. very nice

  9. Looks very good!  Just one question, though.  I see that you use the wire whip to mix the ingredients.  Will it make a difference to the bread if I used the flat beater?

  10. I tried this in a metal muffin tray they came out great and the kids loved them with cream cheese frosting

  11. This idea of dusting your pans with sugar and cinnamon is genius. I have done it 3 times now and we all just love it. What a great idea.

  12. No written recipe? Bummer.

  13. if you don’t have any sour cream . can you use some milk

  14. This recipe is only 4 3-4 loaves? Or is there 1 for 1 loaf?

  15. you should combined all the ings. first befor you pour it to the batter..just saying..

  16. if you don’t have any sour cream . can you use some milk

  17. can i use the breadmaker for this? all the ingredients remain the same?

  18. Just made it today with my granddaughters and the family loved it!! Great recipe and super moist.

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