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Checkerboard Neapolitan Cake Recipe from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

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Learn how to make a Neapolitan cake with a checkered inside.

Neapolitan checkerboard cake recipe & equipment:

• 8" chocolate cake
• 8" vanilla cake
• 8" strawberry cake
• chocolate buttercream
• vanilla buttercream
• pink or strawberry buttercream
• pink, white and chocolate candies
• 3" cutter/or tracer
• 6" cutter/or tracer
• piping bags
• Wilton tip #104 (or any petal tip)

Prepare cakes and buttercreams. Level each cake so that they are all the same height. Out of the center of each cake, use the 3" cutter/tracer to remove the circle in the middle. After that, cut out another ring of cake using the 6" cutter/tracer. Separate each ring. Now you're going to mix up the cakes, you want to have one of each of the flavours in each layer, so for example, a chocolate outer ring, with a vanilla inner ring and a strawberry center. Mix them up so you have three different layers. In between each ring, place a layer of buttercream (flavour of your choice).
Apply a thin crumb coat layer, and place into the freezer for at least 30 minutes to solidify the cake. The higher the cake, the less sturdy it becomes. Place each buttercream flavour into a piping bag fitted with a petal tip.

Once the cake is cold, starting at the bottom next to the cake board, take your chocolate buttercream, and place the wide part of the tip touching the cake, with the narrow part of the tip towards the edge of the cake board/plate. Moving along the base of the cake, squeeze your piping bag while moving the tip about an inch up the cake, and then back down to the base. Repeat while squeezing until all the way around the base. Taking the pink buttercream next, repeat the ribbon effect above the chocolate layer. Repeat again with the vanilla, and then repeat until the cake is covered on the sides.

Place each colour of the candies on the top of the cake, until the whole top is covered.

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    Checkerboard Neapolitan Cake Recipe!

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