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How to make Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake Recipe – 日式芝士蛋糕

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Hey everyone, I have to apologize that the top of the cake came up wrinkly, not pretty at all. However, i did this cake multiple times and it came out fine. My guess is that the temperature today was realllly cold (thats why i was wearing 2 layers) and there was a too big of a temperature contrast, therefore the top of the cake wrinkled. Hope you guys don't mind, I put a lot of work into this video. Hope you guys enjoyed this video, and thank you for continue in supporting me!

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This cake needs to be baked in a 300F /150C oven!!

228g cream cheese (room temp)
200ml milk
60g butter
6 eggs separated
140g sugar
60g flour
20g corn starch

Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake- Minimize Shrinkage

Imovie iLife Sound Effects- Bossa Lounge Medium

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  1. I’m going to try it today.

  2. Love this recipe i will try it, just to much talking.

  3. Mi you are brilliant

  4. Muchas gracias por esta receta gracias a ti me salio perfecto

  5. Show de bola! Parabéns!!

  6. I always wondered what the manual whisking over a blender. Any idea? Also you have been the only one to explain the whisk thing, and that is why all of my previous attempts have failed. Thank you for saving me money

  7. I want a bite!! I’ll try making this for my wife soon ^_^

  8. U were lil nervous,but u did a great job..
    Thank you also.

  9. what is the size of the pan ?

  10. Hi plz tell me why you get an even surface when your cake is baked my cake rises in the center…and looks so uneven…plz advice.

  11. Hello can i use corn oil for the substitute of butter??how much??thank you

  12. LILY kitchen مطبخ ليلي

    haha you really talk a lot >>> i loved you so cute

  13. Hi can i use Margarine?

  14. Mi I love this recipe. Do you have a “detailed” a non-microwave recipe for Mochi that I can use to make the frozen Matcha ice cream balls? I have tried microwave and non-microwave recipes. But I just cant make the mochi that doesn’t turn into a rock. After cooling down.

    Please Obi Wan You’re my ONly Hope.

  15. so noisy

  16. Should be stored in fridge or just room temperature?and how long does it last?I mean the expiration of the cake?

  17. Enjoyed this video..Liked the fact you actually did not edit this video.Mistakes and all,just like all of us in the kitchen.Thumbs up!!

  18. Very good recipe👍👍👍
    Perfect results

  19. thanks for this video. This is very useful for people who is cakelover like me. I want to ask what is the size of pan which converted for centimet. Thank u so much Mi !

  20. To much talking

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