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Simple Sponge Cake Recipe – Detailed & EZ to follow !

Simple Sponge Cake Recipe !
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Today I'll show you how to make a simple but yet very moist and fluffy sponge cake you can use in your own recipes.

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If you wish to see a MINI sponge cake recipe,
it's here:

At the end of this video, there are 2 video links that will bring you to the 2nd and 3rd video in this series.
After making the sponge cake, I'll be making a strawberry puree, and in the final video (3rd ) we will be making a stunning strawberry shortcake, a French inspired version called a torte fraisier.

This was one of my favourite cakes to make while in pastry school a long time ago.

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Bake time on this cake was approx 45 minutes.

Check with a wooden skewer around the 30 to 40 minute mark in your oven to see if it is done.
Time will vary depending on the size of springform pan you use.

HD Video Links For Mobile Users:
★►Strawberry Short Cake / Classic French Torte Fraisier

★►Strawberry Puree Recipe:

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  1. Not need butte or oil ?

  2. Hi! I’m wondering if we could use lesser eggs? Ps I’m subscribed

    • Hi Rameen, yes you can, you must also decrease the amount of everything else too… to keep the ingredient ratio balance the same. By the way – I have this same cake in a mini format…. did you watch this one also ? … my mini vanilla sponge cake recipe….
      Easy Mini Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe

  3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. I tried this out and it turned out very beautiful

  5. What do u do to get rid of the egg taste. I make 8&9″ cakes with 3 eggs and come tasting of egg, so I suppose 6 eggs will be worse. Do hw do I get rid of that taste.

    • BakeLikeAPro thank u very much chef I understand, I think I am inclined to agree with u. Because of the fact that I live in jamaica. I always wanted to try making a sponge cake, but I was afraid of the eggy taste it wud produce. Many cakes wen I make them calls for 3 eggs but I use 2 sometimes 1 (eg. box cakes), and other times wen I use 3, I put a lot of rum in it to get rid of the egg taste. But for a sponge cake, with the amount of eggs needed I was never sure if I could add rum to it and would still come out as a sponge texture. And if I wanted the cake to hv a lemon or orange flavor, I couldn’t use rum since it wud over power the lemon or orange flavor.

    • Hello, I encourage you to read through the comments, I go into a lot of detail on why that is….. I live in North America, there is zero taste of eggs here, because chickens are fed a very neutral feed. You can make this cake and never know there are eggs in it… it all comes down to the area of the world in which you live. That’s the unfortunate part about it. Good eggs, that have no off odor are possible because of farmers using correct feed for their chickens. India by far unfortunately, has the worst problem. Over the last many years, I have had hundreds of this exact question.

  6. 4:20 “p*rn”

  7. Good morning sir, thanks for the video. Question: can I use the cup of milk for measurement?

  8. Should I use powdered suger or granulated suger. Plz reply fast

  9. how much is one cup in this video? I hope you can answer me , i want to try it, then i can post on youtube

    • Hi Kayla, please let me know what ingredient you wish to know about, I’m on a mobile device and not near my recipes, but I will try and help you.

  10. +socheata tin I used all purpose flour in this recipe.

  11. can i use a normal cake pan besides the springform pan????????

  12. can you please show how to bake an eggless butter cake.

  13. Love all ur recipes. Do u have a butter sponge cake rec.

  14. sorry she already ate it it must be good I don’t eat cake that’s why I said it must be

  15. very impressive really I will definitely try this tomorrow inshaAllah

  16. Thank you for sharing your best recipe! Hope I can make it the same as yours!….

  17. Do i have to use vanilla extra because i dont have it

  18. Amazing recipe!  Thanks.

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