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Philadelphia Double-Chocolate Cheesecake

For all the chocolate and cheesecake lovers out there, we've got you covered! This recipe is super simple to make and combines some of our favorite flavors, learn how to make it now!


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  1. abite aroundtheworld

    I made this today and used the whole cookie. The filling was amazing the crust was ok to bad…

  2. I wanna make chocolate mousse, but after seeing some videos on that I gave up. Too much precision work. This recipe looks pretty easy. I wanna try it. Can I use my spring pan?

    • Philadelphia Cream Cheese

      Hi there! Yes, you can use a spring form pan for this recipe. There are a few tweaks to the recipe though (you can find these complete instructions in the link to the recipe in the video description).

  3. It’s so perfect. The thumbnail is not clickbait. Woohooo.

  4. Is vanilla is important?……in my countRyan vanilla is not available 🙁

  5. Huma in the kitchen


  6. Hi .. I just wanna ask you :
    1-the ounce (oz) how many grams ? In our country the sizes of Philadelphia cheese are 200 and 300 gram
    2- Can i use chocolate powder instead of chocolate bars ? If i can , how many cups or spoons of chocolate powder i have to use ?
    3- is there any particular way to bake this cheesecake, like i heard before at the last minutes of baking ,we have to open the oven door , to have a good result , what do you think ?
    Sorry for asking too many questions, but i really wanna try it , and i have never baked a cheesecake before

    • Ok ☺it’s helpful .. thanks a lot

    • Philadelphia Cream Cheese

      Hi, good question!  200 grams is approximately 7 ounces and 300 grams is approximately 10 ounces.  We suggest buying the regular 8 oz. block of cream cheese.  We also recommend following our recipe as we cannot guarantee that the final product will have the same taste and texture. For your safety, please do not open the oven door in the last minutes of baking. The best way to know if the cheesecake is done by making sure the middle of the cake has set. We hope this helps! 

  7. And by the way I am the first one to make a comment

  8. is a very delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. made this n its taste nt good 😂

  10. I like chocolate and cheesecake

  11. It’s really this easy?? Wow.
    Well… I’m off to walmart.

  12. Who narrates this?  I definitely recognize the voice.

  13. hello! can i make this if i bought the philly choclate cream chesse sticks? will it be the same procedure?

    • Philadelphia Cream Cheese

      Hi +Zaheer Khan, good question! We recommend following our recipe as
      we cannot guarantee that the final product will have the same taste and
      texture. However, give your recipe a try and let us know how it turns out.
      Happy baking! 

  14. Wow, this video is from 2009! so old, but this looks delicious

  15. I made 2…… AMAZING!!! The only things that struck me as odd was that you kept the cream in the Oreos and that you put flour in cheesecake….. But still it turned out amazing and delicious =D

  16. Any to do this without Eggs ?????

  17. im making blueberry cheesecake right now but this will be my next project!

  18. yummmu yummmmy 
    i will make it 

  19. martinez vera lucia

    how do I know what is 1 package of chocolate? 

  20. Oh my ………this looks so so good……..

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