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Chicken Recipes – Chilli Chicken

Discover how to make Indo-Chinese Chilli Chicken using our easy to make Chilli Chicken recipe.
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  1. in ur recipe there is egg written but u dint mention or showed at any point ..oh madam we are bad in cooking dont make further bad pls…

  2. Neelu's world recipes&crafts

    very nice recipe…she looks like Neetu Singh.

  3. I love chilli chicken

  4. nice am gng to try

  5. wen to add egg..

  6. Thanks saloni aunty. U r awesome! I will make this for my guests over the weekend.

  7. its really easy! i am going to make it next weekend 

  8. your gorgeous saloni!! 

  9. It is finger lickin’ good. Thank you!

  10. what you did with eggs?

    • I think she forgot to add the eggs when she added salt, pepper, soy sauce and cornflour to the chicken. Eggs help coat the chicken and add taste and also kinda keep the chicken tender.  

  11. Are you sister of Reena Roy, hindi movie star. You look like same

  12. I’ma make this one day

  13. Love it!! Look forward to connecting more with you 🍴😋
    Excellent vid tutorial, hope you like ours too! 🍴
    Hope all’s well! Nice clip 😋🍴
    Look forward to connecting more.. always love a good recipe.
    Looks absolutely delicious!
    Think we’ll try to make this in our kitchen!
    fantastic recipe! Would love to connect more!
    oh my gosh.. this looks dangerous ;-)!

  14. Thanks Saloni…I tried it and it came out real good

  15. Where did use the eggs?

  16. your eyes is very sexy

  17. I like it

  18. Saloni
    Tried and the kids loved it

  19. I tried ur recipe saloni n it turnd out to b beautiful

  20. Peacesociety riyadh

    nyc recipe

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