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Chilli Chicken Recipe | Spicy Chili Chicken Recipe

Chilli Chicken Recipe | Spicy Chili Chicken Recipe in Indian Punjabi Style in Easy Steps.
1 lbs. Boneless Breast Chicken
½= cup diced Celery | 1= diced Green Bell Pepper / Capsicum
1= diced Onion
½= cup Corn Starch
3= Tbsp. Tomato Paste
2= Tbsp. Ginger / Garlic Paste with 2 Red Chili
5= Green Onion / Scallions | 4= Green Chili
2= Tbsp. Water (as needed) | 3= Tbsp. Green Chili Sauce
¼= cup Soy Sauce | 1= Tbsp. Sesame Oil
1= Tsp Salt
1= Tsp Black Pepper | 1= Tsp Aji-No-Moto
3= Tbsp. Olive Oil

"ALL THE INDIAN SPICES ARE OPTIONAL" – To make Indian Style please add the following ingredients.

2= Tbsp. All Purpose Flour (optional)
2= Tbsp. Gram Flour / Besan (optional)
1= Tbsp. Deggi Mirch / Paprika (optional)
1= Tsp Cumin Seed (optional)
1= Tsp Cumin Powder (optional)
1= Tsp Turmeric Powder (optional)
1= Tsp Coriander Powder (optional)

Pan Fry marinated Chicken until it turns golden brown/fully cook,
Mix and ENJOY with your family/friends.
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Easy Steps –

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  1. dal chabal

  2. Wow! I done this . Its really tasty

  3. very nice. very easy. I made it really yummy

  4. Thank you for this easy recipe I will cook this today but what if we don’t add corn starch can l made without that

    • You can skip it and use little bit flour/maida. Basically with corn starch you get nice coating over chicken and it becomes more crispy which tastes better.
      Happy cooking.
      Thank you so much for the like and thanks for watching.

  5. Nice recipe sir👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  6. i am going to try it

  7. Awsomeee !!:-D

  8. Dont ever try this! i was so excited to make, i made it and tasted horrible , it had too many ingredients and tasted, so bad, maybe dont add the spices , i was soo disappointed:(

  9. wow it looks amazing. can’t wait to make it

  10. Sheru and Bruno!where are you both hiding??i miss u both

    • They are both doing well, thanks for asking.
      Will be going to upload videos soon just too busy.
      Thanks for watching and thanks for being patience.

  11. I’m excited to try this recipe today. however I will not fry my batter coated chicken but will bake it at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. I will complete the cooking on the stove top to cut down on oil intake

  12. افغانستان در چنگ لاش خوران کابل

    I hope you keep going and making more videos we are waiting. thank you again. I am afghan and I love Indian food and people .

    • Thank you so much for the like and thanks for asking, yes I am going to make videos on daily basis. Few things out of control happens like our Sheru Alaskan Malamute hit by car right before Xmas and he is keeping me busy.
      Thanks again for being patience and trust me I will be making many more. Thank You.

  13. Nice video bai ji easy and best recipe

  14. Great Recipe!!!!!! Getting all the ingredients ready is the only difficult part. ENJOY

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    really nice i love it

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    • Thank You. Thanks for the like and thanks for watching. Happy cooking.
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  16. Hi I’m new subscriber. Plz tell me what is cornstarch it is cornflower

    • Thank You so much for subbing Easy Steps, I really do appreciate it. Thanks for asking and thanks for watching. Happy cooking.
      In the US, corn meal is coarse ground maize, corn flour is finely ground maize, and corn starch is a thickener made from refined maize starch. Quick breads are corn meal, flat breads like tortillas are corn flour, and corn starch is used in gravies and pies.

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