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One Pot Chilli | Jamie Oliver & The Lean Machines

Jamie has a one pot chilli recipe with turkey & chilli that’s super tasty, filling and the perfect dinner for dad this Fathers Day.
Helped in the kitchen by health and fitness gurus The Lean Machines, Jamie makes this easy chilli using simple store cupboard ingredients. Sweet tinned tomatoes, chickpeas and creamy butterbeans alongside leftover roast turkey & chicken makes this dish full of flavour AND goodness.
Serve with brown rice, homemade guacamole, salsa & cooling yogurt.

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  1. Piyaphong Disaphong

    Who knows the brand of that knife is?

  2. Has anyone got the calorific content of this beauty, macros etc too

  3. oh man that’s so easy to make. A protein diet to completely recharge my battery. hahaha.😜😅☺☺ Awesome. I love it.

  4. why am I watching this when I’m hungry? its 2am. this looks so good. wish I could eat it.

  5. this is good. over the top good.

  6. They hardly have any personality. So they compensate in ‘lifting’ or bulking up or whatever nonsense it is they do.

  7. why is this in the vegetarian playlist?

  8. made this but with turkey mince. Perfect.

  9. was stoked to make this dish. I tried this at my work as a commie chef and this came out beautifully cheers Jamie

  10. How many people would it serve?

  11. Kim's Reptiles the Netherlands

    Isn’t chilli always in one pot? And there is all kinds of stuff served on the side. So this is not one pot.

  12. animal protein is very problematic for humans, because in no way, shape, or form is the human body designed to eat animal products.

  13. Why the hell is this in the vegetarian playlist?!

  14. 2:48 Jamie was like ” STFU twat “

  15. Jamie Oliver and The Lean Machines sounds like a band lol

  16. i love food

  17. Vegetarian??? With meat…??

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