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How to Make Crispy Southern Cornbread from Scratch

Phyllis makes crispy traditional southern cornbread from scratch

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  1. Can I use cocunut oil ? Vegetable oil and canola oil clog arteries.

    What’s other oil options?

  2. This is the closest to how my family makes cornbread. I put buttermilk if I have it. NO SUGAR… may I ask where you are from? My ancestors came to Indiana from North Carolina many generations ago. Thank you for your fine recipes!

    • I am from the Lowcountry of SC (Myrtle Beach area), but my Mom was from Thomasville, NC. You will probably like my Chicken Pie too since you have NC roots!

  3. Eating cornbread while watching this

  4. I tried it and it was Deeeelicious…Thank you

  5. I love a crispy version I have to try this and the barbeque salad sounds delicious

  6. Just made this a a half hour ago and it is very good with butter melted in it with some ham and bean soup!

  7. Easy and amazing

  8. Texas says “Nice!”

  9. Phyllis thank you I made it last night for dinner and it was great. thank you again

  10. What’s bbq salad?

  11. She seems really nice. Thanks for the recipe 😀

  12. Thanks for sharing your recipes Phyllis. The cornbread looks delicious.

  13. I am from CA but I have been living in FL for over 17 years and I am learning and enjoying the Southern ways of doing things.

  14. I’ll bet your knife needs sharpening….

  15. Mmmm yummy lookin cornbread now hungry but it looked so thin so if I used ur way I would put it all in one pan >:3 lol

  16. I never put flour in mine and its awesome too

  17. Mme. Thank you for the video.. I like my corn bread crispy too

  18. Thank you so much, you just broke the secret to my sister in law cornbread that everyone loves because it is crispy and she would never tell how she did it.

  19. My mammy used to make it 2 or 3 inches thick, but when I married, my wife made it like this and I like this crusty kind much better. Especially with milk.

  20. thank you, i just used ur recipe it came out wonderful, my wife in love with it, thx again

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