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Rich and Moist Cornbread Recipe • ChefSteps

Not your grandma's cornbread but—sorry, Nana—way better. Get the recipe:

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  1. that moaning at the end tho. lol

  2. Love the moans of pleasure at the end of the video.

  3. honey butter is  great. but honey butter ice cream over that warm corn bread?! im sure it’ll be divine!

  4. Jeez, bro at the end having a foodgasm.

  5. `who’s coming at 2:18?

  6. so happy I found this channel

  7. Instead of isomalt is there an alternative? Like granulated sugar

  8. Dammmnnn

  9. I love a man who is a great cook and isn’t bad on the eyes what a great video!

  10. Uwhat is isomat what can i sub it for

    • Raffaele Lagattolla

      It’s a natural sugar substitute. I’ve not seen it myself but a quick Google search pulls up plenty of results as goes places to buy it from, usually online. I’d say a direct caster sugar sub would be absolutely fine, but I’m not 100% sure.

  11. +ChefSteps  why yall use Isomalt??

  12. Why isomalt, though?

  13. If we might prefer our cornbread a little sweeter, how much should you decrease the isomalt and increase the sugar?
    Also what are your thoughts on brown sugar or even molasses?

  14. hey, can you guys make a gluten free bread video?
    most shop bought gluten free bread sucks, and making my own isnt proving successful.
    loving your channel guys

    • +Owen Quinn “so everything gluten free isn’t that nice?”
      Pretty sure he was only talking about bread, bruh.
      Maybe just don’t eat bread?
      Gluten free bread is garbage.
      Or maybe just look at one of the many bread recipes and then try it with a different type of flour?

    • +Ben Steiner Im a coeliac so I have to do the diet to keep well. Purely doing it for the healthy option is a somewhat good idea in my opinion. there’s a lot of rubbish that you will cut out of your diet but that said, they will miss out on some nutritious grains. Enjoy life and be happy, dont get too absorbed by All these different diets, eat well, have some bad things if they make you happy but dont over do it.

    • +Ben Steiner so everything gluten free isn’t that nice? Bit of a silly comment Ben. Still waiting for chef steps to post a video on gluten free bread. Come on guys…. Too much of a challenge for you? You’d get so many views On your channel due to the amount of coeliacs in the world with not so many chefs or any at all posting videos on gf bread making

    • +Owen Quinn Probably because it really wasn’t gluten free..

  15. OH MY GOD!

    A recipee what uses ingrediants you can actually buy.  No exotic chemicals, no bizzare tools, nothing turned into a sphere or dipped into liquid nitrogen?

    You guys are losing your touch…

  16. Now I have to do corn bread like this,never thought of blending the corn,awesome

  17. Маша Милавина

    what a nice bg music in ALL your videos. can you give id, please

  18. Any recipe that starts with about a pound of butter can’t be bad.

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