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Best of September | Cakes, Cupcakes and More Yummy Dessert Recipes

A Delicious recipe for September, Best recipe video. Click here:

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  1. 1:25 when I see the chocolate with vegies..😖😲😲😖

  2. I love your videos >-<>~<

  3. I luv the music

  4. For the pot of gold cupcakes when you dipped it in chocolate upside down that would be in a stupid move that I would’ve made and chopped the frosting inside of the bowl

  5. Are you a indian

  6. It looks so yummy

  7. I love it that is so yummy

  8. ew the 2 was so gross☣😲🤧👅

  9. Are you madd? Chili in chocolate😤😰

  10. I love it it’s looks so good🙂🙂

  11. 1:20 is horrible in eating

  12. Wait a minute…the title said cupcakes, cakes, ice cream and more desserts But you made these tacos things! Really?! Tacos? Dessert???

    And another thing. You use some of these desserts in other videos which make them boring because people have already seem them! So DONT use the same desserts in other videos.

    But other than that desserts (meals) are great.

  13. So Yummy is better than Tasty. It was super yummy

  14. i like your channel n its so yummy channel thank u 😘😘

  15. @ gmail wywye WWE uq Que

  16. In S’mores Pizza Is the message is Let sit?

  17. I lo ve the food that you so much delicius

  18. What can you use instead of vanilla extract

  19. 5:02 how is nobody commenting about how she put EGGS RAW EGGS AS FROSTING AND SHE IS GOING TO EAT IT YOU CAN GET SICK

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