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How to Make a Triple Chocolate Mousse (Dessert Recipe)

The Holidays are a favorite time for Ooma's because of the festive and decorative pastries. Here is a recipe for Tri-Chocolate Mousse.

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  1. Wonderful. Thank you.

  2. Hi very very clear instructions n god it looks so tempting….I’m gonna make it right away. But ta a written recipe wud be gr8
    Thank you so much for sharing this…..

  3. No one’s heard of the Jello instant mousse stuff?? Quick & easy. Okay, so I’m not a die-hard foodie…..

  4. we try and like that

  5. Damn.. all those dishes..

  6. that like dilisious

  7. yummy

  8. Y’all need some mike

  9. Well, probably some people would’ve trun it out into scramble eggs. Hands up please hahaha

  10. She’s was whipping like James harden

  11. I like this

  12. its good

  13. Yall new some milk

  14. great presentation! thanks! I’ll try this!

  15. Can we get a written recipe for this?

  16. looks good thank you

  17. raw egg!

    • +Kayla Comptonย The recipe doesn’t use raw eggs. The commented is an obvious troll. Either that or he likes to spread lies for fun.. Oh wait that would be a troll.

    • +Kayla Comptonย The woman in the recipe didn’t use raw egg, this commenter was being rude themselves by inventing that and sending a hate comment when this woman worked hard to make this video. I simply called them out on it. I also stated that they’re likely a troll doing it to all mousse recipies seeing as the woman here didn’t use the raw egg.

    • +Kayla Compton meant he !

    • +Mominaodiji hey leave her alone she can say what she pleases so if she doesn’t want to use raw egg then that’s her choice

    • dude, she’s one of the few people not using raw eggs in her recipe
      or are you trolling and going to every recipe traditionally calling for raw eggs and complaining?

  18. Really nice. I’ll make this recipe.

  19. it needs a lot of effort ๐Ÿ™‚

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