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Barefoot Contessa’s Meatloaf – Food Network

What beginning (or experienced) cook wouldn't want to make Ina's meatloaf? This video is part of Barefoot Contessa: Back to Basics show hosted by Ina Garten . SHOW DESCRIPTION :Ina Garten knows how to entertain with simplicity, style and fun. Visit with Ina at home in the sumptuous Hamptons of New York to discover her shortcuts and strategies for make-ahead menus, fabulous food and memorable parties.

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  1. The best tasting meatloaf. Love this recipe

  2. Kinetsie Varvenfloot

    I tried making this last Tuesday but I think I must have used the wrong kind of onions or something because the inside of my vagina fell off… 🙁

  3. Made it last, and it was great! Can’t wait to have leftover sandwiches. Thanks Ina!😎

  4. j m m.

    ?) !.¿~<< .

  5. she knows what she’s doing

  6. I have watched every episode of Ina Garten every day. I have even tried some or most of her recipes but it is never like hers but was delicious. Love Ina and Jeffrey a lot and I wish her show were back on @ 7pm GMT (UK) on Food Network channel. x

  7. Make this meatloaf it is amazing:)

  8. Best Meatloaf ever… Just love that the onions are precooked and seasoned.

  9. so simple but delicious

  10. I made this meatloaf and it was absolutely delicious. It was so good.

  11. 0:45 haha the way she pronouced that fucking killed me

  12. stop eating animals

    cows,pigs,chickens feel pain and don’t wanna be murdered for your taste buds! sick humans!!

  13. Just cooked this recipe and it’s legit delicious. Moist and tasty.

  14. Everything this woman makes is so fattening, but SO good.

  15. I love everything Ina cooks, she’s fantastic !!!!

  16. I so love Ina her food always looks delicious

  17. Meatloaf is so good. Especially the way me and my mom make it. It sounds unappealing but really if you know how to make it, it’s delicious. I promise. 🙂

  18. we used to use ground beef, pork and veal for meat loaf.  Now I can’t eat this stuff but love it

  19. Made this yesterday DELICIOUS!!! INA YOU ROCK!!

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