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Its Hot in the Kitchen a simple Meatloaf recipe!

Get your watch on…join me in the kitchen.

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  1. I love your facial expressions too and the music, the meatloaf is a bit different and I know everyone has their own style, God’s speed

  2. Love your facial expressions

  3. Sibyl Coleman Such a heavenly voice.

    Thanks for sharing I Will try your way of making meat loaf.

  4. You GO Ann, Love your looks and presentation

  5. definitely need to try this recipe thanks for the video

  6. stupid freak. why are we watching you? get over yourself. WATCH MY FACE WHILE I MAKE MEATLOAF.

  7. Would have helped to know the measurements of the ingredients.

  8. looks good I have made my meat loaf using salsa or rotel both work well..

  9. Such a pretty smile!

  10. Thank you! I’m making this tonight! If you’d like some of my families recipes let me know (Italian 🙂 🙂

  11. Very poor Video, no kind of instructions what-so-ever?

  12. why are indoors cooking with a scarf and hat?

  13. that song was awesome and the meatloaf worked out great. But now i need to know the name of that song! lol

  14. she is too adorable..I am going to try this on Saturday, the finished product looked Yummy!

  15. maybe I missed it but did u add bread crumbs? great video!

  16. pray is right never heard of a round meat loaf that’s not a loaf 😁

  17. Overworked much ?:?

  18. Salsa great idea! My kids won’t ever know… lol

  19. were those dinosaur eggs lol

  20. Thanks Ann, great recipe! I always use gloves when I have to put my hands in food, usually food service gloves. I can’t stand stuff under my fingernails and it just seems more sanitary. Your smile is AWESOME, keep smiling!! I will visit your site more often. God bless!!

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